Why did we start RemoteWoman?

Our story

Jaira (Co-founder, RemoteWoman) was searching around for remote gigs when she came across a scam on WeWorkRemotely. Promising high pay & solid work, she did interviews for hours on end. Ultimately, she was able to spot the scam once they started asking for too many personal details & offered a job that was too good to be true. Luckily, she didn’t fall for it…but who knows how many people since have. This is why we started RemoteWoman.

We do not take money from companies to post jobs – instead, we hand-curate companies we believe in for free. If you discover a problem with a company, please help flag/report them & we’ll take down their job listings ASAP. By doing this, we’ll never provide a flood of sketchy jobs to you. Companies should make their workplaces and hiring process inviting for all sexes, genders, orientations and races. If you work for a company that’s on our site that you think doesn’t belong, please report them to us.

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