RStudio creates great software that helps people understand data and make better decisions. Our core offering is an open source data science toolchain; as a Public Benefit Corporation, we aim to make it available to everyone, regardless of their economic means.

We are looking for an experienced and innovative Analyst Relations professional to join our Product Marketing team to spearhead how we tell our story to and interact with industry analysts. You’ll work closely with others in RStudio Leadership, Marketing, and Product Development teams.

We’re dedicated to building technical software products that improve the world.

About you:

  • While RStudio is about data science products, deep experience in data science and R is not required for this role. The ideal candidate will have a track record of successfully telling business stories and building influence and relationships with analysts at major research firms.
  • You have considerable experience in effective communication of business and technical concepts related to data science or analytics, in areas such as analyst relations or product marketing.
  • You love telling stories in simple and memorable ways. You have a passion for simple and effective communication, either through academic study or professional experience. You don’t use 50 words when 5 will do.
  • You can work efficiently on your own but love to collaborate.
  • You enjoy passionate discussions with others who don’t share your point of view and are willing to learn as well as persuade. You are an active listener, seeking to understand others’ views.
  • You have a history of gentle influence and persuasion in your work. While you have opinions, you can understand other viewpoints and work them into relationships.
  • You have a portfolio of effective writing and presentation skills, including nearly flawless grammar and spelling. You have a great attention to detail in both written and oral communications.
  • You are humble and focused on people. You invest in strong relationships with all colleagues, whether they are part of your team or not.
  • You love to learn new technologies and skills. You don’t know all the answers, but you learn from every inquiry in hopes that you eventually will.

What you’ll own:

Your responsibilities in this position will be to:

  • Own our overall analyst relations strategy, incorporating the perspectives of various stakeholders, including RStudio leadership, Marketing, and Product Development.
  • Identify and regularly refresh RStudio’s list of analysts who cover our work and are important to our evolving business.
  • Lead RStudio’s briefings and interactions with analysts, ensuring that those analysts connect directly with RStudio leaders and experts. Ensure that analyst interactions become a two-way conversation.
  • Establish and maintain an analyst calendar that identifies:
    • The start of research and publication dates for important vendor evaluation products such as the Gartner Magic Quadrant and Forrester Wave.
    • A regular cadence of briefings and interactions with important analysts.
  • Regularly review the research pieces published by important analysts and share them with RStudio people who should or need to see them.
  • Identify opportunities to deepen relationships with analysts through special analyst events, meetings, and/or conferences.
  • Regularly share RStudio content with analysts that is relevant to their areas of research.
  • Create and regularly update analyst briefing slide presentations.
  • Create and regularly update the analyst relations web site.
  • Document analyst relations processes and procedures for future analyst relations employees.

What you’ll help with:

As part of the marketing team, you’ll also:

  • Create and maintain relationships with analysts important to RStudio’s market and positioning.
  • Contribute to other areas of product marketing at RStudio, as time permits, such as writing blog posts and presenting at events.

What you’ll teach:

We expect that you’ll share your experience in effective communication with the team by:

  • Helping the team actively listen to analyst feedback and clearly deliver important information to our analyst community.
  • Teaching others within RStudio the analysts’ views of the market we compete in, how they view us and our competitors, and what they believe matters to buyers.
  • Sharing your prior experience with analyst relations with the rest of marketing and advising us on strategies for engaging effectively with the analyst community.

What you’ll learn:

We expect that you’ll learn to:

  • Understand RStudio’s mission and the business strategy to deliver on that mission through open source and professional software, as well as support for the open source community.
  • Communicate that mission and strategy to the analyst community in new and effective ways.

About us 

  • RStudio is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) and a Certified B Corporation®, which means that our open-source mission is codified into our charter, and that our corporate decisions balance the interests of the community, customers, employees, and shareholders.
  • We welcome all talented colleagues and are committed to a culture that  represents diversity in all its forms.
  • We prioritize giving ourselves “focus time” to get deep work done. We  minimize meetings and attempt to operate asynchronously.
  • We are a learning organization and take mentorship and career growth  seriously. We hope to learn from you and we anticipate that you will also deepen your skills, influence, and leadership as a result of working with RStudio.
  • We operate under a unique sustainable business model: We have over 50% of our engineering dedicated to creating free and open source software. We are profitable, growing fast, and we plan to be around decades from now.


The benefits of working at RStudio include:

  • 100% distributed team (or come in to one of our offices in Seattle or Boston) with minimal travel
  • Competitive compensation with great benefits including:
  • Medical/dental/vision insurance (100% of premiums covered)
  • 401k matching
  • A home office allowance or reimbursement for a coworking space
  • A profit-sharing system
  • Flexible environment with a generous vacation policy

RStudio is committed to being a diverse and inclusive workplace. We encourage applicants of different backgrounds, cultures, genders, experiences, abilities, and perspectives to apply. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, age, physical disability, or length of time spent unemployed.