*This position has multiple openings. Please expect an update on your application in approximately two weeks from submission.

Truss is tackling tough technical problems for the private sector and government. We implement and advocate modern development practices to build software and streamline infrastructure. As a Truss engineer you will facilitate bringing our values to our clients and help drive toward understanding what their end users truly need.

We are seeking empathetic, curious, and quick-learning engineers to join our team. A position with Truss will allow you to use your rich skill-set to build an energetic yet balanced environment with a team of curious, helpful people.

Here’s what we hope you’ll bring:

    • Great communication! Including thoughtful listening skills, the ability to express complex ideas clearly and succinctly, and the ability to communicate well in writing.
    • An adaptive, empathetic, collaborative and positive mindset.
    • Excitement to experiment with new technologies and best practices.
    • Have held one engineering position.
    • Experience with one commonly used programming language such as JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Ruby, Go, Java, etc.

Truss encourages applicants from a wide range of experience to apply, including those with backgrounds in application, UI, backend and/or frontend engineering, as well as generalists. We would like you to have experience in 3-4 of the following:

    • Automation of testing, deployments, or other repeatable tasks.
    • Web frameworks such as React, Vue, Angular, Rails, Django, Flask, Express, etc.
    • Modern web technologies such as HTML, CSS.
    • Common API design patterns like REST or GraphQL.
    • Common databases (MySQL, postgreSQL) and data schema design.
    • Working with government agencies on their systems or products for them.

In this position you will:

    • Learn from seasoned application engineers to expand your skill set.
    • Learn to make and drive technical decisions to completion.
    • Learn to think holistically about engineering issues, using engineering fundamentals.
    • Learn to plan complex projects and break down work for other engineers to collaborate on.
    • Learn to represent our practice and best practices on projects.
    • Build reliable and secure production applications with quality test coverage.
    • Collaborate with the government and other contractors to invent, implement, and deploy new systems and improvements to existing systems.
    • Maintain production systems and investigate issues when they occur.

The salary range for this role is $117,500 – $137,000.


You must be eligible to work in the US. Unfortunately, we are unable to sponsor work visas at this time.

** A note from Truss: We know you’re likely experiencing a lot of disruption as our nation (and our world) responds to COVID-19 and other events – we’re experiencing it, too. During video interviews, you’ll likely see more of our human side. Family members, partners, kids and pets are home with some of us! We promise to be present and engaged, but we may be a little…harried. It’s OK if you are, too – we understand that everyone is experiencing extra stress right now. If you have any questions along the way, please let us know, and stay healthy and safe. **