Our GTM Enablement team supports 2000+ sales & customer success professionals driving revenue and growth at one of the fastest-growing publicly traded companies in the SaaS industry. We pride ourselves on being a reliable, real-time and consistent resource for the Sales & CS Team that helps them do their jobs more efficiently while growing their skill-set and maintaining a high velocity of growth.

As a strategic partner to many cross-functional teams around the company, you will act as the voice and representative of the Sales & CS Team as your end customer. You will be tasked with the end goal of successful change management across a number of projects and programs, spanning differing levels of impact and scope. You won’t always be given a clear map to the solution, but will be given the tools and autonomy to build that map and navigate to a successful end goal.

This role is part strategy, part project management, and part execution. You’ll be aligning the many teams and moving parts (both within and outside of Sales & CS) that it takes to successfully manage a roll out. You’ll develop strategies as needed to do this successfully, and execute with solving for our customer (the Sales & CS Team) as your guiding principle. You’ll be responsible for balancing the big-picture storytelling required to secure buy-in from key executives and stakeholders with the detail-oriented execution of the day to day work.

While the projects you work on quarter over quarter may vary, what will remain consistent across the span of this role is a desire to always be learning, a commitment to excellence and an eagerness to challenge “what we’ve always done” in the name of efficiency, productivity and winning.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Project Management
  • Create and manage clear and concise change management project plans
    • Identify and document the full scope of the project
    • Perform deep needs/gap analysis and research on the current state. This requires 1:1 interviews with reps and managers around the globe.
    • Set deliverables and ensure roles/responsibilities are clear throughout the project team.
    • Create a clear communication plan and execute on that communication plan.
    • Run and plan agendas for project meetings to keep the project moving forward.
    • Manage communications and next steps within GTM Enablement and cross-functionally.
    • Create Executive Summaries of the Enablement Plan.
      • Slide deck presentation of the high level details of the project plan:
        • Communication timing
        • Training and documentation being created
        • Timing of training
        • Sales leadership’s role
        • Success metrics
    • Report on success metrics using the Kirkpatrick model and write up project debriefs.
    • Present frequently to Sales/CS Executives and Sales/CS Leadership on project plans and overall strategy

Characteristics/experience needed for the job:

  • You are comfortable and thrive in a world of ambiguity
  • You have a knack for “figuring it out.”
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Understands what makes sales/customer success people tick – can empathize, build trust and provide support when needed.
  • Self-starter & able to work independently
  • Clear communicator: both to the sales/customer success audience, as well as to the multiple teams that will be involved in various projects (e.g. can you speak the language of an Operations and Marketing team in order to get those folks aligned toward a shared goal, and subsequently translate those decisions and impact back to the Sales/CS Team)
  • Cross-functional collaboration at every level (from rep to executive, from Marketing to Product, etc.)
  • Competence in group communications and public speaking; comfortable with appearing in and communicating through live meetings and recorded video
  • Content creation — slide decks, one-pagers, informational documents
  • Bonus – you have experience in a customer facing role (Sales or CS)

Cash compensation range: 92000-128000 USD Annually

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