We’re searching for a Collaboration Engineer to join HubSpot’s Collaboration team. We’re the team responsible for helping our employees work better together and with our customers, partners, and community. We’re the team that designs and builds our collaboration infrastructure for how we meet, how we run events, and how we communicate. We view ourselves as engineers so we’re always technical, but we’re also thought leaders, internal product marketers, and change management specialists.

This position is new to HubSpot and fills a unique and challenging role. This role will define and deliver an integrated version of HubSpot’s evolving vision of the workplace that puts our distributed employees at the center of everything. We’ve always had distributed employees, but this year we committed to building a hybrid company and transforming our culture from remote-ish to remote-first. That means we’re going to have to make some major changes to how we work. We’ve had a synchronous work culture and our offices have had amazing collaboration spaces. Now we need to unlearn all of those synchronous behaviors and learn how to be better at async work outside of a physical conference room. And we need to solve for the needs of our distributed teammates as the top priority.

The individual in this role will work across functions in HubSpot including but not limited to Business Technology, Culture, Facilities, Security, Finance, and Engineering. They will be responsible for designing and implementing technology solutions that will help us become the kind of distributed company we aspire to be.

What will it look like for us to develop an async work culture at scale? What tools should we use? How can we influence the business to align around a consistent set of tools instead of everyone rolling their own? What can’t we do from home as effectively as we used to be able to do in the office (e.g. hash out ideas on a whiteboard)? How should we manage projects? How do we keep all of these content artifacts organized in a sane way? You will need to answer these questions and deliver corresponding technical solutions that our business embraces. You’ll also need to weave these solutions together (and possibly jettison some) into a cohesive, end to end user experience.

What you will do in this role:

  • You will be a technician first and foremost, skilled in making software (i.e. SaaS apps) do what you want it to do. You will evaluate, select, implement, and sunset a variety of  SaaS solutions in the Collaboration space.
  • You will form a vision – both strategically and down to the tactical details – for what our distributed employees need to be successful and effective.
  • You will be an excellent communicator and influencer across all departments and all levels of the organization.
  • You will spearhead changes in how we do work at HubSpot. Perhaps even more important than the vision referenced above is an ability to execute consistently.
  • You will manage with data and be comfortable doing data analysis and communicating your results.
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