You’ll join our team to build a thriving user community. A community manager combines deep empathy for frontend developers with outreach and organization. You’ll work on everything from engaging developers 1-on-1 on channels like Discord and Twitter to planning events that bring users together.

To date, our community has swelled to tens of thousands of developers organically. At the scale of a widely used open source project, it’s tricky for folks to have a sense of belonging. That’s where you come in.

Required Time Zone: US Pacific Time to Central European Time


  • Design, implement, and optimize a community management strategy that increases Storybook’s true fans
  • Plan, pitch, and execute programs that activate the community (ambassadors, events, learning clubs)
  • Proactively reach out to community members and partners to get them involved in releases and marketing events
  • Manage social channels to create actionable reports based on engagement metrics and sentiment
  • Prepare and execute a content calendar for owned channels
  • Rally the community to improve docs, guides, and tutorials then celebrate their contributions
  • Engage with users in GitHub issues/PRs, Discord, email, Twitter
  • Connect community members that share similar passions and questions
  • Help with content initiatives like newsletter and marketing pages


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Track record of nurturing and mentoring others
  • Proven ability to build a community yourself or examples of your impact on an existing community
  • Demonstrated understanding of motivations and incentives within a developer community
  • Proven ability to work effectively both independently and as part of a team
  • Ability to deliver on deadlines to ensure projects are on time
  • Detail-oriented (!important)
  • Proven ability to initiate a plan and the persistence to see it through

Include with your application

Share a link to a community that inspires you. It can be one that you’ve built, participated in, or from another company altogether. Tell us why the community is magnetic.

About our community

  • GitHub: 74,400+ stars & 1,800+ contributors
  • Discord: 15,000+ members
  • Twitter: 18,000+ followers
  • Newsletter: 5,800+ subscribers

Salary Range: US$70K – US$125K + equity. Learn more about our compensation philosophy here. For a list of our other benefits & a peek into life at Chromatic, visit our careers page.