Customer Support at Sourcegraph exists to resolve technical issues and answer technical/product questions in a way that feels (reasonably) effortless for our customers. Support is the go-to technical team for the Customer Engineering team, helping customers both pre- and post-sales. We show-up for our customers, open source users, and teammates by living up to our Sourcegraph values and handbook, as well as these additional guiding principles:

  • Seeking/providing context so the why is clear
  • Demonstrating profound compassion for the people with whom our paths cross and the problems/questions we help them solve, meeting them where they are
  • Only asking our customers and teammates things we can’t do or answer ourselves
  • Persistently working toward and/or seeking resolution that works equally for our customers and us
  • Staying at least a step ahead (summarizing current status, giving clear next steps, and setting expectations in every communication)
  • Being flexible and open, maintaining a first principles thinking approach, and always confronting and growing past our biases
  • Outgrowing ourselves, the way we work, and continuously improving

Keeping our reason for existence and guiding principles in mind in all of our work and interactions, we ensure consistent outcomes, allowing each member of the team to have space and creativity to get there in different ways and learn from each other.

In the first 30 days, you will…

  • Learn about our product, our value propositions, our customers, our team, and our practices.
  • Learn how Sourcegraph is deployed (e.g., Docker and Kubernetes, scaling, and more), product configuration and integrations, our code base, and common user needs.
  • Meet for an initial chat with each Customer Engineer and Customer Support Engineer.
  • Start working with customers to troubleshoot and solve reported issues (with lots of support and help from your team).

In the first 90 days you will…

  • Work with customers to troubleshoot and solve reported issues, helping the team maintain 95% customer satisfaction (measured via surveys following-up after solving a support issue)
  • Complete an assignment from engineering to further your knowledge of our code base and how our engineer team works
  • Contribute to improving our product and handbook documentation
  • Observe trends causing issues for our customers and suggest remedies (for example, What consistent things happen that we can write tooling for …)
  • Suggest (and perhaps own) improvements for team onboarding and ongoing enablement


  • Experience or training (formal or self-taught) as a software engineer, network engineer, or DevOps engineer
  • Experience or training (formal or self-taught) debugging distributed or self-hosted systems (Docker or Kubernetes is a plus) and parsing logs
  • Compassion to meet our customers (who are all developers themselves) where they are, understand their issues, and be compelled to action
  • Profound curiosity to figure out why something works the way it does / to learn more

Learn more about us

To create a product that serves the needs of all developers, we are building a diverse all-remote team that is distributed across the world. Sourcegraph is an equal opportunity workplace; we welcome people from all backgrounds and communities.

We provide competitive compensation and practical benefits to keep you happy and healthy so that you can do your best work.

Learn more about what it is like to work at Sourcegraph by reading our handbook.

Interview process

  1. You apply here.
  2. We set up a 30 minute call to chat with you about Sourcegraph to find out what you are looking for in your next role.
  3. We give you a small case study project to see how you would approach the job at Sourcegraph.
  4. We schedule a few more hours of interviews (with a teammate in Customer Engineering, a teammate in Engineering, our (interim) VP of Customer Engineering, and our co-founder/CTO).
  5. We check your references.
  6. We make you a job offer.

We want to ensure Sourcegraph is an environment that suits your working style and empowers you to do your best work, so we are eager to answer any questions that you have about us at any point in the interview process.

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