This role owns the data infrastructure for the data science team.  In this leadership role you will collaborate with other engineers and data scientists to solve the most important data quality and scalability challenges at the company.  Examples of focus areas include:

  • Lead our efforts to maintain world-class  data quality and security for internal data pipelines and data that is being delivered to partners.
    • Partnering with security on new tools
    • Leading tools and processes for data validation
  • Build our data infra and lead the adoption of new technologies:
    • Current stack:
      • Stitch: extraction
      • Snowflake: data warehouse
      • dbt: data models and transformations
      • Mode: dashboards
      • Compute: docker-based applications
    • Future additions:
      • Data pipelines and orchestration as code (e.g. Prefect/Dagster)
      • More flexible compute (e.g. AWS Lambda, dask, etc)
      • Reverse ETL (e.g. Grouparoo)
      • More analytics tools
  • Working closely with other engineers to make sure our end-to-end data architecture is as maintainable and reliable as possible

Skills and behaviors we value:

  • Great communication and empathy: being able to quickly agree on the most important work areas and stay in sync with other engineers, data scientists and PMs is what enbles Brightline to move quickly. We have a very friendly, high-empathy team where multiple perspectives are valued and we want to keep that great culture going.
  • Freedom and responsibility: this role will have a lot of freedom and influence in the work that we do.  You will own important areas of the product and be the DS point of contact to the rest of the engineering team and our security team.
  • Desire to learn and improve: As a fast-growing company there will be lots of exciting changes that will require you to learn new things and grow.  If that is exciting to you then you will fit right in.
  • SQL and Python: being able to do advanced/readable, production-grade SQL queries is important.  We will also use Python automated insights and pipelines. Most of our applications are written in Ruby/Rails so familiarity will help you collaborate with the rest of the engineering team, but it is not required. Continual learning is a big part of this role and you will have a chance to influence what we use and also expand your skills to new tools.
  • Automation and maintainable systems: the right person for this role will have a strong interest in building beautiful data architectures that are resilient and maintainable. We have already made early investments to avoid hacks; we want to continue to build best-of-breed data infra that we all love using and can be proud of.


  • You likely have 4+ years of professional experience in health tech or other domains with sensitive data requirements. If you do not have 4 years of work experience but you have some unusual background that you think prepares you for this role we definitely would love to talk to you and learn more.
  • Experience in consumer-focused health tech is very valuable.
  • We use dbt for transformations in our data warehouse so exprience and depth with dbt is valuable but not a requirement.

The Brightline team is headquartered in the SF Bay Area and our Data Science leadership is based in the Atlanta metro area.  This role is eligible to permanently work remotely from anywhere in the United States.

Brightline is an equal opportunity employer and encourages all applicants from every background and life experience to apply.