Zonos is the cross-border technology solution for online retailers and other solutions providers that deal with global ecommerce. As a cloud provider located in St. George Utah, we contribute strongly to the Silicon Slopes community both in Northern Utah, as well as locally.


Zonos is seeking a DevOps Engineer with 3 to 5+ years of experience to join our fast-paced team, who is solely dedicated to overseeing the Zonos cloud infrastructure.

You will

  • Enhance IT infrastructure security protocols
  • Maintain and improve the company’s cloud infrastructure
  • Update, test, and deploy section of code
  • Upgrade and develop secure cloud infrastructure
  • Coach Engineering and Infrastructure teams on how to maintain and support production applications
  • Translate customer and business needs to technical solutions

Basic skills

  • AWS certified required
  • Proficient with AWS EC2 and AWS RDS
  • Experience with AWS Elastic Load Balancer
  • Knowledge of AWS Security Groups and the ability to increase security in cloud infrastructure
  • Build and maintain MySql databases; specifically Aurora (MySql) database
  • Manage Aurora subscriptions, reservations, database sizes, and locations
  • Manage the ElasticSearch database
  • Maintain and build Linux servers in cloud
  • Experience with Apache2 and Nginx
  • Experience building and deploying Docker servers

More about Zonos

Learn more about Zonos, our mission, and the type of company we are building.

At Zonos, we are looking for a people person who is hungry and willing to stretch and grow. Our roles are challenging for three reasons.

  1. International trade is complicated and takes a long time to learn.
  2. Working at a growing cloud technology company is challenging.
  3. You will be expected to learn new skills that you don’t currently have.