We are looking for a senior hire to lead and continue to build our stellar Customer Engineering team. Our Customer Engineers drive the technical portion of a sale as well as ensure existing customers continue to get maximum value out of their Sourcegraph engagement. This is the team that thrives on showing off the value from the nooks and crannies of our product, lives for giving our customers “aha” moments, and is the main point of contact our customers trust to help them achieve their goals. If you are passionate about the customer experience and building metrics and systems to optimize for customer happiness and value, then this role might be a perfect mutual match.
In the first 30 days you will…
Go through a two week-long training program on our product, our value propositions, our customers, our team, and our processes.
Meet our existing Customer Engineers and begin the process of forging a long standing partnership with each of them.
Dive deep into our existing customer experience and the Customer Engineer’s partnership with Sales.
Meet our Sales teams and each of our internal organization leads.
Become involved in several accounts at various points of Sourcegraph engagement and take on a few customer interactions yourself.
In the first 60 days you will…
Take full management ownership of our existing team of Customer Engineers, which includes:
– Doing a regular review of each of their accounts
– Making technical or strategic suggestions to unblock any issues experienced
– Refining metrics tracked and actions taken at various engagement points
– Regularly providing feedback to the team to encourage personal and career development, and
– Staying in lock-step with the Sales team to ensure consistent alignment along all customer touch points.
Run an evaluation of our metrics and processes and propose recommendations for improvement.
In the first 90 days (and beyond) you will…
Begin implementing approved changes.
Be able to point to adoption or process improvements which were implemented due to uncovered indicators.
Develop and grow the Customer (Success) Engineering team by cultivating a first class team, culture, process, and results. Results can be seen in Sourcegraph growth (revenue and adoption) and customer happiness.
An excitement for software development and our mission to make it so that everyone can code.
A Computer Science (or equivalent) degree, and a minimum of 3 years of software development experience (or equivalent). It is imperative that you are able to understand our product, deployment details, and troubleshooting strategies to be able to guide the team with specific issues customers bring to them for help.
Experience having managed a technical, client facing team in the past.
Enthusiasm for leading a stellar existing team, and working on challenging open-ended problems.
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