The HubSpot product team is passionate about helping small and medium-sized businesses grow better by building the tools that help them market, sell, and serve their customers as they scale. We build products for more than 85,000 customers in over 100 countries around the world. Our team has grown fast over the past few years, and our need for empathetic, adaptable, and remarkable leaders has grown as well.

We’re looking for a UX-focused design leader who’s excited about growing business-critical product lines while achieving a high bar for ease-of-use for our customers. This leader should be a strong team builder, as they will be leading a large group of talented and motivated cross-disciplinary UXers. We value leaders who are empathetic and supportive coaches who can use their design vision to influence a large, dynamic organization.

Our UX leaders have these things in common: They develop strategic partnerships with their Product and Engineering peers, they go deep in a problem space or domain and translate their vision into an experience strategy, they coach strong leaders, and they build diverse and inclusive teams. They prioritize product quality over strict processes.

Role Requirements:

  • Collaborate with leaders in Product and Engineering to:
    • Create a strategic vision based on market, customer and internal stakeholder feedback
    • Develop a point of view about the customer journey in partnership with stakeholders from across the organization
    • Maintain an operating system that helps translate vision and company goals into objectives that give teams clarity and autonomy.
  • Analyze and monitor qualitative and quantitative data on HubSpot usage to shape and evolve the vision
  • Own the usability of your product line(s) to uphold HubSpot’s differentiation in the market
  • Measure product quality and make sure it meets high bar of quality for release
  • Thoughtfully organize and scale your team, aligning strengths to customer problems, and providing opportunities for career growth
  • Support and empower autonomous teams to succeed by:
    • Managing cross-disciplinary professionals spanning UX research, product design, and content design
    • Helping frame the customer problem
    • Providing guidance about how to measure outcomes
    • Developing ICs and front line managers
    • Executing on each phase of HubSpot’s fundamental performance management lifecycle
    • Creating and fostering a psychologically safe and inclusive team
  • Partner with UX leadership to reinforce the vision, strategy and values of the UX org to help HubSpot UX become a world class team
  • Collaborate with Recruiting to build an exceptional and diverse team

We’re looking for those who have:

  • Strong, demonstrable experience delivering successful and intuitive products⁠ — we value consumer-grade experience in solving enterprise-level problems
  • Worked closely with product and engineering leaders to establish objectives, high-level strategies, and key results for a group of UX practitioners
  • Set UX practitioners up to identify and drive impact that is great for our customers and good for business
  • A developed sense for how to balance speed, quality, and consistency of design
  • Experience coaching a broad spectrum of specialist UX practitioners like product designers, content designers, and user researchers
  • The ability to provide thoughtful feedback on work as well as identify overlaps and efficiencies between team members’ projects
  • Extensive experience providing mentorship, goal-setting, growth coaching, and accountability to UX practitioners and managers
  • Confidence delivering clear, direct and actionable feedback and won’t shy away from confronting difficult situations or increasing communication when there’s friction or uncertainty
  • Success collaborating with other leaders to develop a product design vision and convey the strategy to their team in a way that influences execution
  • An understanding of how to foster team health and bring a sense of mission to your group and to the broader UX team

Interested in applying?

If you’re a UX/Design leader of any level or experience, and if this resonates with you, let’s talk.

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