VEED.IO is an online video editor designed to make video editing a piece of cake no matter the skill level. Want to make a highly engaging video like Gary Vee? Easy. Our tool is ultra-intuitive to use. Want to know what’s really exciting though? Since January 2020 we’ve grown 1,900% from $150K ARR to $3M ARR (and almost $4M now at the time of writing this!)

This means, we’ve had to grow our team really fast. We’ve had Alec who runs our YouTube channel come in. He absolutely rocks it by taking our channel from 0 to 17.5K subscribers and driving 8% of our sites traffic through our videos.

And now, it’s our blogs turn to shine.

This is an amazing opportunity for a freelancer (like you) who wants to:

  • Make their mark in a quickly growing start up that people love to share about online (just check out our Instagram highlights @veedstudio)
  • Grow your personal brand and portfolio with your work on our site. We will share with you if your content is doing well!
  • Write highly valuable content meaning not only can you write content that ranks at the top of SERPS but people also love to read and share it.

Our goals are to:

  • Drive more quality traffic to our site
  • Encourage social shares

To achieve our goals we need to create content sooooo good the reader feels they need nothing more. Our content is the end destination where the reader thinks “woah, this is exactly what I needed! I should bookmark this site.”

What’s the budget?
Our budget is at approximately $.15 cents per word (or $500) per article with at least 2,000 words. We are looking for the best writers and are open to negotiations for people with impressive portfolios that demonstrate great writing and the results they’ve helped achieve through it.


We have high expectations of the writers we hire for our content. We’re not here to just tick off a box as done. We’re here to make content so good people end their search with us and other companies want to be like us. In order to make sure we hire the best, we’ve included 5 questions to answer if you’d like to be considered.

The idea candidate for this freelance role has the following skills and qualities:

  • Has experience writing long form content (at least 2,000 words) for reputable blogs (high DA)
  • Can not only write but has experience with video content creation whether for their personal brand or clients. We believe the best content comes from people who understand what we’re good at: video content and social media.
  • Is able to hit our deadlines and is an excellent communicator. We don’t want surprises we could’ve prepared for ahead of time.
  • Understands SEO – can write content that targets our keywords without keyword stuffing.
  • Ideally has no more than a 4-6 hour time difference with Florida (EST time) which is where our Head of Content is based – she will be your primary contact.

How to Apply | Answer These 5 Questions

  1. Please share links to up to 10 pieces of your best published work
  2. Please share a link to the following
    • A link to your own blog (in case you have one)
    • A link to your Twitter profile (in case you have one)
    • A link to your Quora profile (in case you have one)
    • Link(s) to any other social platforms you’re active on to promote your work and your personal brand (in case you have more than Twitter)
  3. We’re looking to create highly shareable and top ranking articles to get more high quality traffic to our site. What do you thing we should do differently with our veed.io/grow blog based on this? Do you have some work samples that aligns with our goals?
  4. Please tell me more about your own first-hand experience with social media marketing and video content creation by answering the following questions.
    • Have you ever worked in this space before whether as a writer, social media manager, content creator, or something similar?
    • Do you have content you make around your personal brand? If yes, why? If no, why not?
    • Did you ever make money online from content creation?
  5. What are your favorite social media and content creation blogs you read regularly? Please share at least 3 URLS to your favorites

Answer the above questions in your cover letter to be considered. We are so excited to hear from you!

Best of luck!


  • Freelance so you set your hours!
  • Pay per article meaning we believe in paying you for a job well done