Job Description

Glowing is looking to hire a Director of Customer Success to build a customer success function that retains, expands, and delights customers distributed all over the world. The Director of Customer Success will oversee a small team and be responsible for customer onboarding, adoption, account management, and expansion. The role will report directly to CEO and Founder, Jasen Lew.

We want everyone who uses any solution of ours — up and down the client’s organizational structure — to be glowing (pun intended).

Will you help us get there? 

What You’ll Do

  • First Week: You will learn about Glowing’s mission and vision, seek to understand our customer success processes, understand our client base and get to know members of our global team.
  • First Month: You will take over day-to-day management of the 2-person customer success team and learn how to train customers on Glowing’s platform.
  • First Quarter: You will design and deliver a repeatable, scaleable, and delightful customer onboarding process. You will write, execute, and train others on a playbook for a mid-market and enterprise customer success motion (post-onboarding adoption, renewal, expansion). You will determine, develop a measurement methodology for, and improve key performance indicators, such as client health, net promoter score (NPS), customer satisfaction (CSAT), and customer advocacy (references).
  • First Year: Your team will secure at least $400,000 ARR in expansion sales in FY2023. You will achieve a net dollar retention (NDR) goal while improving CAC payback period. You will build a function — and then a team — that will help Glowing achieve its ARR milestones towards $10M ARR while living into our motto to “stay personal.”

About You

  • You have experience as a customer onboarding specialist, customer success manager, and renewals specialist for mid-market to enterprise customers at a SaaS platform
  • You have been apart of a small Client Success team (1-5 people) that has experienced sizable growth
  • You take pride in managing individual contributors in customer-facing roles
  • You’re familiar with customer success platforms, such as ChurnZero or Gainsight
  • You’re excited to design a repeatable, scaleable, and delightful customer onboarding process
  • You feel comfortable writing and coaching on playbooks, such as a mid-market to enterprise customer success playbook for clients with complex stakeholder management needs (e.g., headquarters and multiple independent locations around the globe)
  • You’re data-driven and know your customer success metrics (e.g., NPS, CSAT, NRR), including how they’re calculated, what they are useful for, and a few strategies to move the needle to improve these metrics
  • You are capable of owning a renewal or sales quota and know how to develop forecasts (bottom-up, top-down) to share whether or not your team is on-track to target
  • You have experience with a successful B2B referral program
  • You use a consultative approach to establish yourself as clients’ trusted advisor
  • You demonstrate a deep commitment to end users’ success on the platform
  • You want to work in a hybrid environment (90% remote, 10% in-person) where work travel to visit clients is an occasional expectation
  • You are able to work +/- 3 hours of European Standard Time and Hong Kong Standard Time

About Us

Glowing.io provides the leading unified, intelligent guest messaging platform for globally-admired hospitality brands. We are a growing, revenue-generating, YCombinator-funded SaaS startup where top-performers find their purpose.

Why Join Us?

This is a special opportunity to build and own the Client Success function from the ground-up at a hybrid-first, proven startup with growing revenues, strong product that when delivered well, customers love.

Total Rewards Package

  • On target earnings: $120,000 (65% base / 35% variable) – $140,000 (70% base / 30% variable)
  • Bonus and commission structure: $8,000 on-target retention bonus, plus 8% commission on annual recurring revenue (ARR) of expansion deals closed won
  • Plus, generous stock options, learning stipend and opportunity to travel globally, along with country-specific benefits (e.g. 401k in United States)

Application Instructions

To apply, send a resume to cs@glowing.io.

To apply for this job email your details to cs@glowing.io