Gradle is the build tool of choice for millions of developers around the globe and is the official build tool for Android applications. Developing Gradle is a dynamic and demanding engineering challenge, with the reward of significant industry impact and collaboration with some of the world’s best software teams.

Our software is used by some of the world’s leading software organizations, such as Netflix, Airbnb, Spotify, Twitter, and Atlassian. We regularly collaborate with these and other users to make our products continuously better.

The Gradle Developer Advocacy team, which exists to raise awareness of developer and build engineer pain, and the solutions provided by Gradle’s offerings, is looking to add a Developer Advocate to the team who will focus on the developer experience of the Gradle build tool.

Minimum Qualifications

  • 4+ years related experience in software engineering and/or developer advocacy
  • Personal experience with Gradle, Maven, and/or Bazel
  • Excellent written and verbal English skills

Preferred Qualifications

  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Passion for developer tools and a desire to make developers successful through Gradle
  • Ability to quickly learn new technologies and tools
  • Self-motivation, organization skills, and discipline to get things done in a remote environment
  • Experience with current software development practices and tools
  • Advanced Groovy and/or Kotlin skills
  • Current or previous involvement in developer tooling communities such as Maven, Bazel, or NPM


  • Improve existing and create new Gradle documentation, samples, blog posts, and other content
  • Make users aware of useful and new Gradle developments
  • Foster the Gradle community based on principles of inclusion, kindness, and professional respect
  • Work with one of our partners to write a joint blog post
  • Create short tutorial GIF or screencast demonstrating a new Gradle feature
  • Research and write a guide showing Gradle best practices
  • Create a portal for users to browse and search for samples


  • Anywhere in the world with working conditions that allow for seamless collaboration with your colleagues through email, chat, and video streaming

While our team works remotely and is spread across the globe, we deeply value daily interactions and collaboration.

How to apply

The following is required with your application:

  • Submit your cover letter and resume via the form below
  • Explain in your cover letter why you want to advocate for Gradle

About us

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