We are seeking someone experienced with enterprise-grade DevOps to support development of Inrupt’s core product and our internal systems. We’re a young and agile startup, so the DevOps Engineer will need to wear multiple hats. Among other things, the DevOps Engineer will:

  • Maintain health of cloud-based production environments through monitoring and typical daily administration duties
  • Manage CDNs, DNS, web servers, and other supporting Internet services
  • Ensure Inrupt follows best practices for infrastructure security, reliability, fault tolerance, availability, latency, performance, efficiency, monitoring, emergency response, and capacity planning.
  • Respond to issues identified by alerts and reported incidents
  • Automate operational activities and tasks
  • Infrastructure automation
  • Work with developers to execute software releases, configuration updates, and other release requirements

We value diversity at inrupt; we are building a global, inclusive web that allows many different kinds of people from all over the world to create and collaborate as they choose.

To apply for this job email your details to jobs@inrupt.com