About HealthRhythms

At HealthRhythms, our mission is to alleviate unnecessary suffering by bringing mental health into the modern era of medicine. We have combined the multi-dimensional sensing capabilities of mobile phones with the power of embedded and cloud computing platforms and novel AI algorithms to continuously measure mental health status. We are realizing the vision of precision medicine for mental health by anticipating deterioration of mental health and delivering personalized, just-in-time interventions.

We have built and tested this platform with $7M of NIH funding and are commercializing with a dual-track focus on pharma and US payors. Based on the elite quality of the team, the empirical evidence, and the innovation itself, we have closed a highly over-subscribed $11M seed financing with 36+ top Silicon Valley health tech and healthcare investors. Brook Byers (Kleiner) personally co-anchored the round with GSR Ventures ($3B health tech).

If joining an accelerating, 100% remote startup that is trying to significantly improve people’s lives sounds meaningful and exciting to you, please read on and apply. 

Working closely with our CEO, CTO and leadership team you will be leading and rapidly scaling a world-class technology organization capable of efficiently delivering critical software and services that support our innovative data-driven approach to mental health.

You will set the technology vision, communicate and collaborate on that vision with all levels of the company, create a plan to achieve those goals and then execute against the plan at maximal velocity while maintaining quality and compliance standards.

As Lead Engineer, you will:

  • Build, lead and coach the technology team, recruiting stellar individuals to join and then helping them grow to achieve increasingly ambitious goals at the individual, team, and organizational level
  • Design and continuously refine optimal development processes that balance the various needs of the company and minimize operational risks
  • Work closely with the data science team to ensure streamlined access to data and optimal production environments for models
  • Lead the engineering team in best practices to produce high quality, well-structured, reusable, maintainable, idiomatic code with an appropriate level of testing and documentation
  • Provide timely, articulate and effective communication within your organization, the company as a whole, and externally representing the technology organization to customers, partners, and prospective employees
  • Research and stay current with evolving technologies and changing landscapes in the health tech environment to enable smart, strategically sound technology and implementation decisions
  • Help establish and enhance cultural norms and values that reflect and contribute to the organization as it grows

You have the following required experience:

  • 10+ years of successful industry experience leading software engineering organizations, with at least several years of experience at a rapidly expanding startup
  • Experience managing managers and organizations of 30+ staff
  • Strong Computer Science fundamentals
  • Experience with developing compliant apps and SaaS platforms in a healthcare, financial services, or other high security / high compliance environment
  • Experience leading data science and machine learning teams and rapidly integrating and automating data science model improvements into production deployment
  • Familiarity leading teams leveraging building mobile apps and services leveraging AWS, Python, Kotlin, Java, Swift, REST APIs and JSON
  • Experience with mobile platform background data collection, battery-life optimization, local data processing

You’re a person who:

  • Has a deep and pragmatic understanding of Agile product development lifecycle approaches and best practices
  • Product minded with strong intuition for user experience and product design priorities
  • Has demonstrated an ability to see the big picture and meaningfully contribute to strategic planning discussions and then execute on that strategy by translating it into actionable achievable steps and guiding your teams in completing them.
  • Strong sense of ownership, urgency and drive
  • Stellar communication skills with the ability to communicate and rapidly process ideas at both high and low levels of granularity
  • Has High EQ – you take a collaborative approach to leadership, earning trust and respect of peers and staff and minimizing departmental friction
  • Is Adaptable: Quickly adjust to new information and inspire others to process and adapt to changing situations as well as you do

What we value? 

  • Mental health as foundational to overall health.
  • Protecting patient privacy at all costs. We actively develop privacy protective algorithms to ensure that only clinically relevant information is recorded.
  • Creating person-specific interventions driven by Machine Learning that dynamically adapt and scale, yet remain personal
  • Deploying empirically-validated approaches to measuring and improving mental health
  • Empathically supporting people in becoming more active, socially engaged, and above all more mentally healthy

We value passion in people to transform how mental health is considered in society

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

We believe that diversity makes us better: we welcome people from all backgrounds.

HealthRhythms is a Social Impact Organization

The unmet need: In contrast to all other areas of medicine, up until now mental health has been largely reliant on subjective patient self-report. This contributes to reduced quality of care and poorer treatment outcomes, leading to higher dropout rates, ER visits, hospitalizations, etc. Mental health clinicians need objectives, continuously collected and easily interpretable patient data to fully appreciate patient status and enable quick, flexible, and targeted interventions. Patients and families need information that can help them to manage their own illness in a more effective manner.

HealthRhythms is on a mission to become the world leader in objectively measuring mental health. We do this by capturing critical behavioral information — from sleep/wake rhythms, and physical activity, to social engagement (patterns of out-of-home activity, patterns of technology use and screen time, etc.) and more — to provide a more complete picture of individuals’ behavioral health with clinically actionable insight.

Mental health clinicians, health systems and payers need objective, continuously collected and easily interpretable patient data to fully appreciate patient status and enable quick, flexible, and targeted interventions that lead to positive outcomes and reduced treatment costs. Patients, and their families, need information that can help them to manage their own illness in a more effective manner.

It is time to re-imagine what the next generation of mental health care as universal health care can look like.

  • This is a universal human problem – not local, not cultural, not tribal, this extends across all of humanity; there are different cultural expressions and it hits different cultures differently but we can bring a universal understanding to this
  • If we can make the nature of this empirical and not invisible suffering then it is validating and we can remove the stigma associated with mental illness 
  • Imagine if your personal devices could really know you, know you in the sense of tracking a rich set of behaviors to continuously, accurately assess your mental health
  • Imagine that machine learning translates that intimate knowledge of your daily behaviors into precise suggestions for behavior change that lead to improvement in symptoms of depression, anxiety and other mental disorders. This is the promise of digital phenotyping.
  • Just as digital biomarkers can transform human access to mental health self-care, digital biomarkers can transform clinical support of more acute populations where there is a great unmet need.
  • Our solutions ensure equity of access: they are accessible to anyone who owns a smartphone and has a connectivity contract or access WiFi.  Our digital intervention platforms are accessible wherever there is cellular signal or WiFi available, bringing validated intervention to those who for either financial or geographic reasons do not have access to care.
  • To learn more about the team Silicon Valley’s top venture capital firms deemed as world class for a mission focused on behavioral health, click here to see our team bios.