Hi, we’re CompanyCam.

We create simple-to-use, visual-first communication and accountability tools for contractors. Imagine a B2B SaaS (business-to-business software-as-a-service) app that doesn’t look like garbage, built by a team of capable, laid-back people.

But don’t let the chill throw you off; we’re a fast-growing, product-led startup with big plans for the future.

We’re looking for an activation and retention marketing manager to help us engage users. Sound like you? Learn more and apply today.

Full-Time, Lincoln, NE or Remote USA

The Role

We’re ISO a marketer with serious chops to help us with activation and retention. In this role, you’ll develop marketing campaigns from ideation to implementation by leading a cross-functional team of creatives, ad specialists, and content experts. You’ll also drive all stakeholder communication to get buy-in from our friends in sales, support, and product.

The activation and retention marketing manager will be responsible for engaging our freemium users and converting them to paying customers. Understanding the customer journey? That’ll be yuge.

Most of our marketing magic happens in the digital sphere—emails, digital ads—so some background in digital marketing is a must. That said, we’re always trying to diversify and test new platforms. Our marketing team’s unofficial motto is “test, optimize, and scale,” so be prepared to fail and learn.

The CoCam marketing team is small but mighty, and we’re scaling fast, so we’re looking for people who can pinch-hit in areas outside of their primary role when needed. If that sounds like something you could get into, read on.


  • Shared values, AKA a willingness to show upgrow up, and do good.
  • Some years in the experience bank—we’re talking about at least 2–3 years of real-life learning in a marketing role(s).
  • Campaign and project management experience, including meeting deadlines and proving ROI.
  • A knack for collaboration. Playing well with others is key, and experience working cross-departmentally is a must.
  • A current, permanent U.S. residence. Sorry, we’re not hiring outside the U.S. at this time even if you’re willing to work U.S. hours.


  • Previous experience in a marketing management role.
  • SaaS experience—double bonus.
  • Construction and contracting industry knowledge—triple bonus.
  • Familiarity with any and all of our most-used tools (Slack, Zoom, Google docs, Asana, and Marketo).
  • Locality—our marketing team is currently co-located in Lincoln, so if you can join us IRL in a post-pandemic world, all the better.

Why CompanyCam?

Did you wake up this morning with a burning desire to join a company building apps for roofers, remodelers, or plumbers? No? I didn’t think so. I admit, it’s not something one thinks about without some prompting. But bear with me for a moment…

Contractors are everywhere. They build our homes, they literally put roofs over our heads, they wire up our electricity, give us access to the internet, fix our plumbing and AC, paint our homes, the list goes on.

At CompanyCam, you’ll work with intelligent, kind people to make contractors’ work easier and create time for them, so they can get shit done and spend more time with their families or on other things they care about. Sound corny? You’ll find that mid-westerner ethos permeate our culture (we’re based in Lincoln, NE), so if you can’t hang with that, no hard feelings, but this probably isn’t the role for you.