What is Stackbit?
Stackbit is the first open, complete platform for the Jamstack — it’s the easiest way to get started with the best tools for the modern web. Our website production platform, based on next-gen Jamstack technology, rethinks how we build, edit and even host websites. We are on a mission to make this modern architecture available and easily usable for everyone — developers, marketers, content creators and designers.
What it’s like to work with us
We are a lean team of explorers, builders, scientists and just plain curious folks who live and breathe the Jamstack. We decided to tackle the massive challenge of orchestrating an ever-growing set of tools that need to play nicely together, and we keep this in mind with every project we decide to take on. At Stackbit, you will have the prerogative to make things happen, along with empowerment to determine what these “things” are. You will be part of a flat, fully distributed organization, with an uncanny entrepreneurial spirit and relentless motivation to move the needle where it counts. We help each other, uplift each other, and rely on each other’s feedback and expertise to inform our choices and help us make the web, better.

As Marketing Operations Manager what will you be doing?

    • TL;DR: Own and manage all technical aspects of marketing, including analytics and reporting, tool setup and integrations, the technical aspects of marketing asset creation, email workflows, building landing pages, campaign tracking and attribution setup, SEO implementation, and creative asset production as needed. This position does not require asset creation, but rather building and setting up the technical aspects of marketing and creative assets.
    • Facilitate analytics setup, set up campaign tracking and attribution, measure and report on progress to bring clarity and transparency to all marketing initiatives according to KPIs and measurable goals.
    • Evaluate new tools and technologies and implement them, such as marketing automation software, asset management, video production, and other marketing operations tools.
    • Update website and digital assets in all technical aspects, including SEO setup (just implementation, not the SEO marketing work), text, and styling implementation per brand, URL, and tracking setup, etc.
    • Assist in creating, editing, publishing, and tracking creative campaigns and content.
    • Optimize and manage lead generation efforts, outreach initiatives, PR and communications implementation, and product marketing as needed.
    • Facilitate webinars, screencasts, video recordings, and other creative assets for marketing and developer advocacy content.

Minimum requirements for the role

    • Minimum 2 years of experience in Marketing Operations in a B2B software company
    • Experience with automation software such as Hubspot, Pardot, Marketo, etc.
    • Experience with data visualization and reporting tools like Visual Studio, Tableau, etc.
    • Strong quantitative capabilities with a passion for numbers and analytics
    • Strong project management skills
    • Strong technical aptitude and ability to learn and work independently
    • Superb verbal and written English communication skills, including grammar and storytelling aptitude
    • Experience with funnel creation, measurement, and optimization
    • Experience with creative asset production, setup, publishing, and distribution
    • Google Analytics experience or equivalent analytics platform know-how
    • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
    • Small/young startup experience, preferably in a remote working environment
    • Flexibility to complete high priority, quick-turnaround tasks and manage priorities and multiple projects simultaneously
    • Ability to independently manage workload and initiatives with no “guidebook” and be the “go-to” person for marketing operations needs
    • Preferred experience with SQL, web development, video production and/or editing, content creation, email marketing systems, and tracking and attribution technology
    • Extra brownie points for Jamstack domain knowledge and passion for next-gen web development architecture and tech

What will make us a good fit together?

    • Owner – At Stackbit, we believe it is never “somebody else’s problem,” and we greatly appreciate team players who jump at the chance to make things happen. This role is a leader in such attitude and focus — being an enabler, facilitator, problem-solver, and someone to count on for great execution.
    • Impact-driven – We understand our users, set and prioritize objectives, find the correct way to measure how we’re doing against those objectives, and ruthlessly execute while monitoring actual impact vs. projected impact to constantly improve.
    • Communicator – Able to communicate across countries and cultures and engage in discussions about the product, marketing, analytics, and developer experience in a meaningful way. Comfortable working with a fully distributed, global team, with different timezones and availabilities.
    • Curious – Sees challenges as learning, growth, and professional development opportunities and enjoys solving puzzles and making things work smoothly.
    • Flexible – Thrives in a fast-paced startup environment and doesn’t get rattled by switching contexts and multiple feedback touchpoints.
    • Proud – Love your work, be motivated to initiate great projects, and celebrate it when your work has a powerful, positive impact on the world of next-gen web development.
What does the hiring process look like?
We take a straightforward and mindful approach to interviewing. During the process, you’ll meet with a founder, related team members, and complete a technical skills review, either written or by virtual meeting. Interviews are 30-60 minutes and usually 1:1.