When you choose Senzing, you join a highly energetic, diverse team that is singularly focused on  bringing world-class entity resolution APIs to engineers and data scientists. We have a deep  commitment to being dedicated, helpful, and trustworthy. Senzing also strives to maintain  integrity and strong ethics in all we do while striving to make our work fun. Senzing is a small  (20-30) distributed, fully-remote team. Along with a compelling work environment, we offer  highly competitive salaries, world-class benefits, and company shares. 

The Senzing team is growing and seeking an Open-Source Community Lead to join a small, high performance team tasked with reaching the following goals for the Senzing Community:

Enable simplified, robust delivery of Senzing on cloud platforms (e.g., AWS, Azure, GCP,  OpenShift, Kubernetes) 

Build reusable assets for partners and customers 

The Senzing Community source code is publicly available; code written by the Senzing  Community team needs to be exemplary. Senzing customers look at the Senzing Community  code as examples of how to deploy into their custom environments. This means that code and  documentation need to be educational as well as functional. As the Open-Source Community Lead, you’ll be an educator through your code and documentation. 

The work: To get a glimpse of the work that has been done, simply view the repositories in the  Senzing Community at https://github.com/Senzing. To view the current work, visit the Senzing  Community Kanban board, https://github.com/orgs/Senzing/projects/2. The future work can be  seen in the Community Roadmap, https://github.com/Senzing/community-roadmap. You’ll  notice a large number of backlog and “Requested” features. That’s why the position is open! 

Skills needed: To accomplish the goals of the Senzing Community, team members need a wide  variety of skills and the ability to learn new skills in response to customer requirements. 

Current skills used by the Senzing Community team: 

Guiding principles: Standards used by customers, Twelve-factor Apps, Semantic  Versioning, DevOps best practices 

AWS: RDS, SQS, CloudFormation, command-line 

Containerization: docker, docker-compose, helm 

DevOps: Git, Make 

Languages: Python, Bash, JavaScript, Java, YAML, Markdown, HTML 

Environments: Jupyter 

Additional skills needed for upcoming work: 

Cloud platforms: Azure, Google Cloud Platform, OpenShift 

AWS: BeanStalk, CodeDeploy 

DevOps tools: Jenkins, Travis, Chef, Ansible, Puppet 

Packaging: terraform

Languages: R, Go 

Queues: ActiveMQ, Kinesis, Apache Pulsar 

Containerization: Podman 

Security: docker containers, cloud infrastructure 

Monitoring: “ELK stack”-type monitoring, Graphana 

As the Open-Source Community Lead, you aren’t expected to have all of these skills. Naturally,  the more familiarity you have with the skills, the better. The important thing to have is the self motivation to learn the skills and deliver. 

Now let’s talk about attitude… The Senzing Community team is tasked with making life easier  for Senzing customers and partners. This position is customer-facing and involves software  architecture and development. Customers will be seeing and evaluating your source code and  approach. 

Senzing is seeking someone who looks through the eyes of the customer, understands current  software practices, and develops reusable assets to accelerate evaluating, integrating, and  leveraging Senzing into customer infrastructures. 

Interested? If interested in the position, here’s how to score some bonus points:

Submit examples of your work that you have permission to share.  

Review the Senzing Community assets and road-map. Write a page or two on how you  can contribute to the advancement of the Senzing Community. 

About Senzing 

Senzing is the first to deliver real-time, artificial intelligence for entity resolution. Senzing  software enables organizations of all sizes to gain highly accurate and valuable insights about  who is who and who is related to whom in data. The Senzing application programming  interfaces (APIs) and microservices make it easy for software and data engineers to quickly and  affordably build scalable entity resolution into applications and data services. With Senzing,  innovators in financial services, information services, healthcare, the public sector and other  industries can more effectively engage with customers, improve fraud detection, optimize  investigative analysis, and increase accuracy for compliance mandates.

To apply for this job email your details to careers@senzing.com