We’re on a mission to make programming more accessible by building the best, simplest, and fastest coding environment. Replit is a place to not only learn and practice programming but also to collaborate and ship applications.

We’ve grown to millions of users via word of mouth and a strong organic presence. However, there’s still so much value to be provided to our users through each step of their journey – from onboarding all the way to engagement.

Growth engineers enable our users to unlock Replit’s product capabilities (computing superpowers) and help supercharge our growth. In this role, you have an opportunity to get in at the ground level of a high-growth startup and help us build a growth muscle to crawl, walk, and run. You’ll have an immediate and long-term impact!

Note – If you’re a talented engineer but don’t really fit the requirements then get in touch anyway. 


Position: Product Growth Engineer


## In this role, you will:


– Join forces with our growth PM to connect users with our core value of giving people computer superpowers

– Champion a data-driven and experimentation mentality – ship fast, iterate quickly and learn

– Collaborate with our product engineers to understand the product and how growth can connect users to its value effectively

– Work across the codebase to unlock user experience and value from onboarding to engagement

– Utilize data, tooling, and growth infrastructure to help us iterate quickly

– Scope, own, and execute on eng projects that are both optimizations (1% better every day) and big bets (radical 10x ideas) to maximize impact

## You qualify if


– You have fullstack experience

– You are a self-starter & a strong owner

– You are comfortable w/SQL & messy data

– You are an expert in React.js and GraphQL

– You love to run experiments and (in)validate hypotheses

– You have a robust understanding of experimentation tools & A/B testing

– You understand how your work connects to and influences the broader business objectives

– You’re more of a “let’s maximize impact” kind of person than a “get the job done” one

## Bonus Points:


– Technical SEO experience

– Early employee at prev startup

– Experience working with or on a growth team

– Experience building a developer tool (it can be personal dev)

Job Location:


– Global (currently only open to +/-4 hours from pacific time zone)