Engineers at Fonoa are given problems to solve, not features to build.

As a Senior API / Backend Engineer at Fonoa, your will own several private and public-facing microservices.

You will be expected and empowered to work well beyond features, improvements, and bugs.

You will work on the entire lifecycle of a product. You will have to understand the customer need, currently available solutions in the market, why are they suboptimal and how can we create a superior product.

You will have to think about how to solve a problem by optimizing for the best customer experience and navigating towards business goals.

You will work closely with your product counterpart on designing the product, defining the specs, working on the code, ensuring it’s properly tested and deployed.

You will be given a lot of autonomy, trust, and independence to improve every aspect of our product.

We are solving one of the largest yet unsolved problems in global e-commerce and looking for developers with a hunger for a new challenge and drive to solve a ubiquitous problem for companies selling globally.

Our clients range from world-leading marketplaces, e-commerce, delivery to household-name mobility companies.

Some of the challenges you would be facing in this role

  • Owning end-to-end (from brainstorming and problem solving to deployment on the cloud) of your public or private set of microservices
  • Internalizing the customer pain and working through the entire product lifecycle (from ideation to coding) to deliver a better product for customers
  • Creating +100 of integrations with payment processors, ERPs, accounting tools, and e-commerce enablement tools for both data input and output
  • Collecting and consolidating large and disparate tax datasets for more than 100 countries globally
  • Designing and scaling best of breed API tax infrastructure for internet companies
  • Providing the best user experience to developers and finance teams
  • And many more


  • Understand customer needs and the pain they are experience related to tax automation
  • Understand competitive products
  • Strategize and brainstorm with product and sales on how to solve customers problems
  • Build proof of concepts and prototypes in an independent and fast-moving manner
  • Build reliable and easy to use REST APIs
  • Generate impeccable API documentation for the micro-services you are responsible for
  • Work on integrating our products with 3rd parties (e.g. payment processing companies, accounting tools, enterprise resources planning software, etc.)
  • Test the software you are building
  • Implement best practices in terms of performance, scalability, and security


You are the right fit if you have

  • Full professional proficiency in English, written and spoken
  • You have owned a product from an engineering point of view before
  • At least 5 years experience in software development, with at least 3 of them designing and working on high-scale environments.
  • Experience with node.js, Typescript, Java, or C#. If you meet other requirements, but are proficient in a different language, that’s completely fine. We look at languages as a tool – what’s more important are your problem solving skills.
  • Extensive experience with building modern web applications using micro services architecture principles
  • Experience with big-data processing and high volume queues
  • Experience in building and documenting REST APIs
  • Experience with the full development lifecycle, including understanding customers’ needs, architecture, design, coding, testing, and delivery
  • Hands-on experience with unit, integration and functional testing
  • Worked in a dynamic start-up or scale-up environment


  • A very competitive compensation package including equity
  • Ability to work from any place in the world
  • A budget to purchase any equipment you need to do your job properly or access to a co-working space
  • An annual, expenses paid global meetup of the Fonoa team somewhere fun in the world (post-Covid)
  • A place on a rocketship backed by best-in-class VCs and operators innovating in an overlooked and unsexy area and doing it profitably and sustainably
  • A community and culture of builders and problem solvers


Remote but has to be between UTC-1 and UTC+3. Please don’t apply if you can’t fit your long-term schedule during those working hours. However, we will soon be expanding our preferred time zones, so stay tuned!

We only accept applications from individuals. We are not looking for outsourcing agencies. Any request or application from companies will not be processed.

About Fonoa

At Fonoa, we automate taxes for marketplaces, digital content platforms, ride-sharing, delivery, SaaS, and e-commerce globally.

If you want to launch a business today, there are plenty of products out there to help you get going – from Stripe for payments to Twilio for customer engagement.

How come figuring out taxes is so hard? Why isn’t there an easy way to implement a solution to handle all your taxes on products and services sold worldwide?

Enter Fonoa.

We help clients reduce the cost of operations and manual workload when selling internationally.

Our product suite enables users to automatically assign tax rates to each online transaction, create locally compliant receipts & invoices, and report them to tax authorities.

We are an API-first company and our product suite runs seamlessly with minimum manual work required from the user.

Our mission is to automate repetitive and fragmented manual tasks conducted by finance teams and developers via an easy to use API.

Our clients range from world-leading marketplaces, e-commerce, delivery to household-name mobility companies.

We are a remote-first team working across +10 countries. We focus on building best in class products based on observed customer needs and previous industry experience.

Our team has an excellent track record of solving challenging problems at companies such as Uber, Amazon, Grab, Hopin, Farfetch, McKinsey, Trivago, Rocket Internet, and EY.

We are expanding our global presence and looking for many new team members to join us!

Fonoa Culture

  • Fonoa is a fully remote company and team members working across 9 different countries in a fully-distributed way
  • Flexible hours, set your own schedule that fits you
  • Best ideas win, no matter who expresses them
  • Builder’s first mindset. We give everyone a lot of autonomy to think of and deliver on their ideas
  • We move fast and enable small teams to ideate, prototype, test, and iterate quickly
  • Flat structure, excited team members, great incentives, no corporate BS
  • We value writing, mental clarity, and neat digital organization skills
  • We nurture asynchronous communication enabling everyone in the team to organize their work however they see fit