What is Stackbit?
Stackbit is the first open, complete platform for the Jamstack — it’s the easiest way to get started with the best tools for the modern web. Our website production platform, based on next-gen Jamstack technology, rethinks how we build, edit and even host websites. We are on a mission to make this modern architecture available and easily usable for everyone — developers, marketers, content creators and designers.

What is it like to work with us?
We are a lean team of explorers, builders, scientists and just plain curious folks who live and breathe the Jamstack. We decided to tackle the massive challenge of orchestrating an ever-growing set of tools that need to play nicely together, and we keep this in mind with every project we decide to take on. At Stackbit, you will have tons of impact and have the prerogative to make things happen, along with empowerment to determine what these “things” are. You will be part of a flat, fully-distributed organization, with an uncanny entrepreneurial spirit and relentless motivation to move the needle where it counts. We help each other, uplift each other, and rely on each other’s feedback and expertise to inform our choices and help us make the web, better.
As data analyst, what will you be doing at Stackbit?
Making the web better with the ultimate product that connects business with technology! You will help make a faster, more secure web, providing a great developer experience, and at the same time empower non-technical folks to take advantage of those benefits.
You’ll have tons of autonomy and agency to point the team in the right direction to drive impact and direct the company’s future.
Your peers will be some of the top minds in product and web technologies, so you’ll have amazing learning (and teaching) opportunities.
You’ll be working closely with the founders, managers and team to understand the company’s mission and strategic goals and then build the data infrastructure to support those goals.
This means you’ll help define the right instrumentation of all our websites and products, define the data schema and structures, build ETLs, create dashboards and run hypotheses analysis, etc.
Your insights will be invaluable determining the decisions we’re going to make as a company and shape its future.
You’ll have to be flexible, work on various products and initiatives concurrently, have strong opinions and hold them weakly, show tremendous grit and just get things done.
Finally, while this is an IC position and you should be more than willing to get your hands dirty with data, this could turn into the position that builds and leads the entire data team at Stackbit.
Minimum requirements for the role
5+ years of hands-on data analyst / scientist / engineer experience and skill, willing to get your hands dirty with data
Experience building dashboards end-to-end (including visualization and data pipeline) that can serve the team
Experience guiding product decisions based on data and A/B testing
Experience with common analysis tools such as SQL, R, off the shelf tools like Amplitude, Redash and Google Analytics
Experience working with cross-functional teams to gather requirements and define the right metrics to describe the state of the business – both on a macro-level and micro-level
Experience initiating and drive projects to completion with minimal guidance
You’ll need strong communication skills, written and verbal. We’re a distributed team across multiple timezones and cultures and so knowing when to communicate, what to say and through which medium is paramount
What will make us a good fit together?
We are self-starters, comfortable with ambiguity and working without a guidebook. You understand the big picture and are able to zoom out and autonomously confirm your projects and goals are in alignment with it.
At Stackbit, we believe it is never “somebody else’s problem” and we greatly appreciate team players who jump at the chance to make things happen. We take pride in owning our successes and failures and using them to improve our work and the work of those around us to build a better product and team.
Ability to take a deep dive to find the root cause of an issue and work with the team to resolve it to the delight of our users.
You are an active contributor. You enjoy sharing new ideas and learning new technologies.
You enjoy giving feedback and welcome receiving it. We strongly believe in constructive delivery that helps everyone become a better version of themselves
Comfortable with change – we have a clear vision and target and we’re moving fast towards it, exploring new paths and opportunities.
Impact-driven! We understand our users, set and prioritize objectives, find the correct way to measure how we’re doing against those objectives and ruthlessly execute, while monitoring actual impact vs. projected impact to constantly improve.
The Stackbit hiring process generally consists of 3 stages over the course of 1-2 weeks:
1. Conversations with the hiring manager and/or founding team member
2. Technical interview
3. HR interview