Table XI is looking for a Senior Delivery Lead who can see both the forest and the trees.

Building the right thing is often harder than building it right. More than 80% of digital innovations fail because they are not solving the real user need. We take a pragmatic approach to innovation by deploying integrated teams to uncover insights from users and turn them into compelling digital solutions. As a boutique strategy and product innovation firmour capabilities include product discovery, delivery, and adoption. As a Senior Delivery Lead, you have an opportunity to leverage both your strategic vision and your tactical expertise — our clients and your colleagues will look to you for collaborative leadership on how engagements run and where they should go next.

Typically, your work will start by gaining an understanding of your client, its goals and constraints, the users, and the problem space. Then you’ll work with your team to articulate the most impactful problem to solve and then propose the right approach toward a solution. Once discovery is complete, integrated design and development starts, and you’ll use agile methodologies to keep delivery on track, take the team temperature and proactively mitigate risks and recommend improvements. Throughout the engagement, you’ll advise your clients by acting as an informed and empathetic sounding board. You will provide thoughtful, strategic recommendations on the long-term product roadmap, as well as seek out new opportunities for their business and our partnership.

Here’s what we expect from you

    • You have demonstrated experience working in product management roles, where you were instrumental in defining and realizing key elements of the solution, and bringing new digital products to market.
    • You have experience leading cross-disciplinary software teams using one or more agile methodologies.
    • You have expertise in crafting wonderful experiences with mobile apps, web platforms, and/or connected devices with designers and developers. You’re focused on understanding the needs of the business and the user, and providing value to both. You drive for this understanding by facilitating a variety of discovery activities for businesses and users.
    • You have experience conducting business analysis and capturing user stories, testing features to confirm they work as expected, and providing clear feedback when they don’t.
    • You understand how to bring strategy, research, UX/UI design, and development together to build incredible products. You form strong, insight-driven opinions on products and markets while maintaining an open mind for others’ perspectives as well. You treat your clients’ products like they’re your own. You advise them both on the immediate work at hand as well as long-term strategic opportunities as you work to help them define their roadmap or improvements in their products.
    • You make sure clients know they are an essential part of the team and are never surprised by the cost, timeline, scope, or any other element of delivery.
    • You’re a holistic thinker. You help solve problems and drive delivery success, including making hard decisions and trade-offs. You foresee risks and mitigate them calmly.
    • You’re an excellent communicator with a range of audiences, no matter the medium.
    • You display diplomacy, tact, and poise under pressure when working through issues with clients or with teams.
    • You prefer a highly collaborative environment. You’re at your best when working as part of a diverse team.
    • You’re always looking for a better way to do things and will work with the rest of our product delivery team to develop new tools and processes.

What your days will look like, what success looks like

Proper expectations setting has a big impact on your progressional growth. To set expectations for what you’ll experience as a Senior Developer, here is some of what you can expect in your first two years:

Within 1 month, you will

//Start the company onboarding process, learning more about our company’s culture, values, history, and commitments to our clients

//Gain an understanding of our integrated development process, tooling and frameworks, and project approach

//Shadow client teams to learn from our integrated squad(s) of designers, developers, and delivery leads

//Learn more about the client experience, from product discovery through delivery and into maintenance

//Go deeper into the employee experience of working at Table XI, meeting with key leaders across the company, and building relationships with the broader team

Within 3 months, you will

//Have completed your onboarding process with your onboarding cohort

//Started your first project and begin relationships with developers, designers, and delivery leads on your team as well as across the broader company

//Engaged your first client, learning more about their business, unique challenges, and growth opportunities

//Completed your first Sticky Note Game

//Have a manager identified and received your first quarterly feedback Attended your first company All Hands with the rest of the organization

Within 6 months, you will

//See a high-impact project through, ideally from start to finish. You will participate in client-facing retrospectives along the way to look for opportunities to evolve and improve

//Complete a review with your manager

//Push your team to do its best work yet. You’ll know the team well by this point and will understand how to encourage them to do work the whole team and company is incredibly proud of

//Advance the crafts of project and product management at Table XI. You’ll set a good example and share what you’ve learned with others

//Learn new tools and processes to support further growth and develop your own skills

Within 1 year, you will

//Attend a company retreat to get to know all of the employees outside of the office setting

//Potentially start with a second client or re-engage with your first client on a new product or phase of work, deepening your relationships

After 2 years, you will

//Have the opportunity to become an owner in the business

//Look back proudly to the project and organizational changes you’ve inspired or directed, creating an impact on how we do business

Some reasons why you might like working with us

We have been recognized for both our internal employee experience and delivering a trusted customer experience. At Table XI, we are very intentional about the way we work and support both our team and our clients.

1. We focus on Product Innovation: helping initially to envision new product concepts for our clients. We are core contributors to shaping the work that we do and the problems we’re working to solve. In addition to that ideation stage, we get to help them bring these new concepts to market. We help both to build the right thing (design thinking and product discovery) and build the thing right (agile mindset and iterative approach).

2. We care about DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging). To deliver the best solutions, we need as many bright and diverse minds in the room as possible, and we need to be able to learn from them once they’re there. That’s why we’re working to create an environment that’s comfortable and inclusive for everyone. Learn more about our DEIB learnings, roadmap, and history.

3. We work in a variety of industries, encouraging our team members to explore new domains, solve different kinds of problems, and adopt new technologies. There is no getting bored in our portfolio; you’ll work across health care, edtech, manufacturing, and nonprofits, just to name a few, and building web, mobile, and IoT solutions.

4. We work in integrated teams (and avoid staff augmentation). At Table XI, we seek to bring all of the good ideas to the table so you learn from the talented teammates you regularly pair with. Product, design, and development regularly collaborate, and we are all listening to the same users.

5. We are intentional about supporting each individual’s growth. “Challenge and support each other” is a core value of the company and we take that mission seriously.  That’s why every employee has a personal learning and development budget, everyone has a bi-weekly conversation with their manager about their progress, and our CEO created the Sticky Note Game to encourage each person’s path at Table XI.

6. We believe that wellness and a sustainable pace deliver the best outcomes. We commit to our clients to be dedicated partners for a sustainable 35 hours a week. We don’t require regular travel or client on-site time. Our team members have flexible schedules with a hybrid (colocated or remote) working environment and discretionary time off because we respect that everyone has a life outside of work

7. We value transparency and open discussion. You will have a front-line view of the company’s performance, risks, and issues, finances, and budgets. With unique tools and facilitation techniques, we also regularly connect and discuss topics as a company to guide our path forward.

8. We build products that matter. We advance the causes and goals of our partners and consistently deliver outcomes for them. See some examples below.

What We Make

For over two decades, we’ve partnered with clients across industries to research, design, and develop custom web and mobile applications that make a meaningful impact. These impacts include:

<>Empowering nonprofits with real-time insight into progress and potential for donor impact through transformative fundraising software

<>Designing a digital experience to support LGBTQ+ 14-17-year-old youths as they face societal and personal bias with their orientation prior to coming out, driven by evidence-based treatment and therapy plans.

<>Driving accountability and motivation for patients recovering from spinal surgery through integrated mobile app and wearable device on the patient’s lower back

<>Improving prediction of patient enrollment in global clinical trials for life-saving drugs through the integration of advanced analytics and digital innovation

<>Creating a new mobile app to inspire employees to love where they work by delivering meaningful savings and recognition in their workplace, while also amplifying merchant partner reach across the US

But the work is just part of what makes Table XI a rewarding place to be. We support each others’ interests—whether volunteering, organizing meetups, speaking at industry events, or learning new techniques and technologies. If there’s something you’re passionate about, we want you to pursue it so you can teach it to the rest of us. Our company Lunch & Learns, Sticky Note Game, and regular practice meetings are just some of the ways we create space for sharing, learning, and professional development.

What We Offer

We believe in equitable pay. The salary range for this role is $110-$160k. In addition to our base compensation, we offer a quarterly bonus based on company performance and the following benefits, intended to take care of you (and the people you care about):

-Quality health insurance

-Paid parental leave policy (equal for all TXI parents) and discretionary paid time off

-401k plan, including employer matching

-The option to work fully remote with minimal client or onsite client work

-Company retreats and All Hands days – a chance to connect with each other in person and outside of the office

-Benefits for continuing education, donation matching, renewable energy switching


US-friendly hours are strongly preferred. We have a hybrid setup at Table XI – with both a home office in Chicago and the opportunity for any of our team members (currently in the US, Canada, and Europe) to work distributed, either from home or one of the coworking spaces in our network. We communicate and collaborate effectively in a remote environment with tools like Miro, Notion, Slack, and Zoom. While we encourage asynchronous communication, we often work in pairs or in collaboration sessions, so it is important to have some core hours of overlap with our clients and fellow team members. Regardless of where you are living and working, we will get together as a company several times a year to help build connections and foster relationships in our team.

What to expect next

If we move forward, here’s the rest of the process that we’ll use to learn together if this is an amazing fit for you:

Initial Interview: After connecting with our recruiting team, you’ll meet the hiring lead over Zoom and cover some TXI basics, then focus the conversation on questions about your past work and how it relates to what you’d be doing at TXI. This stage is a 2-call process and should take no more than 90 min total (unless you want to dig in, chat more and spend some extra time learning about us!).

Virtual Case Study Session: Here is where we give you a job preview for the role, as well as the space to show off your skills. During the case study, we will ask you questions about your approach to each of the phases of product delivery, and we will also role-play through situations with you (acting as your client or your teammates). Our goal is to get a sense of how you approach client work, how you collaborate with a team, and how you solve problems. This stage should take no more than 90 minutes total and we’ll both have a clear sense of how we work together by the end.

Final All Team interview: At this stage, we’re incredibly excited about your potential with TXI. Get to know more of the team you’d be working with over a 2.5-hour session. You’ll find time with 4-6 of your potential integrated team members, where we will learn more about your consultative skills and values alignment. You will also spend time with some of our leadership team talking about how TXI can support you on your personal journey.

Offer/Decision within 24-48 hours: You’ve made it! You successfully completed the process and spent about 6-7 hours learning about us, while sharing more about yourself. Once we get to this stage, we like to move fast. We are committed to debriefing within 24 hrs. and presenting a final decision within 48 hrs. (or less!) of your final interview day. If we choose to move forward, our team will collaborate with you to ensure that you have all the information you need to make the right decision for you and your career!

We take equality seriously.

Table XI is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and is committed to equal opportunity employment without regard to race, religion, color, gender (including gender identity, change of sex, and transgender status), sexual orientation, age, disability, ancestry, national origin, military or veteran status, marital status, genetic information or any other characteristic protected by applicable law.