You’ll be working on anything and everything on the Chromatic product from the backend to the frontend and from the ideation stage to shipping. You’ll also work on [Storybook](http://storybook.js.org), one of the largest and fastest growing open-source projects. You’ll use and invent the latest web technology. Along the way, you’ll collaborate with folks across the globe and build your reputation as a leader in the frontend community.

We are a fast-growing startup with a strong focus on customer experience and team culture (learn more about the team here). Our products are widely used in the industry by household names such as the BBC, Shopify, and Adobe. As a member of this team, you’ll launch new frontend workflows and help streamline our engineering team.

Required Timezone: Pacific Standard Time (PST) to Central European Time (CET)


  • Build features start-to-finish in our TypeScript / React / Next.js / GraphQL / MongoDB stack.
  • Work closely with product and design to help refine specifications and provide technical guidance.
  • Contribute to the Chromatic product and the larger Storybook ecosystem.
  • Teach by creating documentation, guides and tutorials.
  • Mentor and provide technical leadership for your teammates and the open source community.
  • Help define our product roadmap through ideation and your knowledge of frontend development.


  • 4+ years of experience building web application UI and APIs.
  • Comfortable with at least one modern view layer (e.g. React) and writing CSS for UI.
  • Experience with writing APIs for the frontend (bonus points for GraphQL).
  • Comfortable with writing performant database queries (bonus points for MongoDB).
  • Strong CS foundations with ability to design and implement algorithms operating on typical data structures.
  • Excellent technical communication skills and enthusiasm for writing things down.
  • Bonus: Have developed components in isolation before (e.g used Storybook, Styleguidist, etc).

Your technical experience includes

  • TypeScript and modern ECMAScript: Promises, async/await, rest/spread, destructuring, Map/Set
  • Browser APIs: DOM APIs, fetch, localStorage/sessionStorage, as well CSS animations and other advanced browser features.
  • NodeJS, event loop and debugging techniques
  • Pure functions, immutability and side-effects
  • Recursion, tree traversal, data transformations
  • Security best practices, e.g. HTTPS, CORS, cookies, JWT, XSS, CSRF

You’ll join our world class engineering team to build software you’ll be proud of. We build tools that are used by thousand of development teams around the world. And of course we use them ourselves. We encourage people from underrepresented groups to apply.