To help the company establish its foundation for prospect engagement across organic inbound demand and highly targeted outbound outreach to maximize the revenue opportunity for Tenfold on current demand and expand the revenue potential of the business by creating new opportunities.

Outcome: Help to build the company’s lead engagement strategy with a focus on the creation of a repeatable and scalable pipeline generation model addressing both inbound follow up/conversion and highly targeted outbound prospecting.  Ensure the success of our enterprise-focused sales organization by generating opportunities within the ideal customer profile in different regions globally and engaging with strategic partners to create net new revenue streams aligned to the same customer profile.

Outcome Measures

  • Quickly develop a broad understanding of the Tenfold solution and value proposition for enterprise organizations & partners
  • Engage regularly with sales leadership and individual account executives to identify areas of opportunity to collaborate on deals/pipeline
  • Step into the current inbound demand funnel and take on lead follow up and lead conversion efforts through qualification & handoff
  • Help establish best practices for the overall lead engagement process (i.e. email templates, cadencing model, channel usage, content, etc.)
  • Develop a deep understanding of enterprise company structure through research and practice to leverage in account engagement model
  • Work with sales leadership to align on a set of weekly KPIs and report on results to sales leadership weekly (be adaptable here as needed)
  • Work with sales leadership to identify the highest-leveraged outbound prospecting activities and test and iterate on outbound model
  • Help develop new SDR collateral that focuses on different stages of the lead engagement journey and different personas
  • Internalize Tenfold’s Ideal Customer Profile and provide feedback/guidance on evolving this profile based on engagement results
  • Develop communication standards between SDRs and Account Executives
  • Create standards and best practices for communication with prospects that outlines Tenfolds offerings at a high level
  • Ensure all follow up data and lead status information is accurately captured and updated consistently in Salesforce
  • Develop a scalable lead engagement model that allows for expansion of the SDR organization with potential to build and lead the team


  • Comfortable in a new remote role with need to work together to establish expectations
  • Highly self-accountable with a hunger to drive results
  • Strong personal ambition to continue to learn and develop
  • Track record of success in quickly learning and applying that learning to drive outsized results in lead engagement
  • Understanding of how to prospect into and engage large multi-stakeholder enterprise organizations
  • History of creating processes from the ground up and adapting to/making changes quickly to ensure success
  • Ability to take growth opportunities head on
  • Understands the concepts necessary to effectively introduce highly technical concepts to prospects
  • Highly focused on building base relationships with potential customers
  • Ability to document growth to keep track of necessary action items

General Values and Capabilities

  • Learning mindset.  Ability to self-correct and learn from mistakes.
  • World class communication
  • Team focused and driven to help the team be the best while hitting personal goals
  • Company, mission, and strategy focused
  • Ability to communicate objectivity surrounding team success
  • Ability to work on the fly and be successful and accountable in a remote setting
  • Nurturing and driving
  • Unrelenting