Suborbital is building the next evolution of cloud compute
Suborbital Software Systems has evolved over the past 2 years from an open source project into a company focused on serverless, edge, and distributed cloud native computing. Our Atmo platform underpins everything we do by providing a flexible, secure, and high performance server runtime for WebAssembly. By taking advantage of the security and performance capabilities of Wasm, we are creating new use-cases for existing cloud infrastructure. Join us as a founding team member to help realize a new vision for cloud compute based on this astounding technology shift.

Join the founding team
Suborbital is looking for a small group of developers and developer experience practitioners to join as founding teammates. This group will have the ability to take full ownership of Suborbital’s Open Source projects, closed-source products, community, and novel architecture. Atmo and its underlying components are designed around brand new paradigms like the SUFA design pattern, mesh computing, capability-based computing, and the security model of WebAssembly. This team will evolve our open-source projects to encourage adoption of WebAssembly as a cloud native technology, build closed-source products on top of the Atmo platform, and help enable new use-cases for our community and customers alike.

Full-stack developer
As a full-stack developer at Suborbital, you’ll have the opportunity to build across a wide playing field including greenfield frontend components, backend services, documentation, developer API libraries, and more. If you are generalist who loves working at multiple layers of the stack, you’ll fit the bill. Here are some of the things we’d love for you to have:

  • Extensive experience building frontend applications with technologies such as TypeScript, React, or Vue.
  • Knowledge of backend development in a modern language like Go.
  • Some experience working with cloud deployment systems like Docker, Kubernetes, etc.
  • Experience building developer-facing libraries, APIs, and tooling.
  • Experience building and leading teams of developers.
  • Even if you don’t tick all of these boxes, we know that experienced developers know how to learn on their feet, so we’d still love to meet you!

Working at Suborbital
Suborbital is completely distributed and remote, with a large emphasis on async work and community. We are in the earliest days of growth, and we are actively defining our culture, but we work against a set of virtues:

  • We’re all humans, we’re all equal.
  • Be helpful when you can, but know when to say no.
  • Build for those who use it, sell to those who can buy it.
  • Never put work above friends and family.
  • Never put profit over people.
  • Everything starts with security and privacy.
  • Consume complexity and provide flexibility.

We offer competitive compensation including equity and benefits to anyone joining the founding team. We work with a long-term vision in mind, and always consider the ultimate goals of the company when making short-term decisions for product and strategy. Suborbital is fully funded and has an exciting group of VC and angel investors giving us the support needed to build this vision for the long haul.

To apply for this job email your details to company@suborbital.dev