Who we are

Our mission at Sourcegraph is to make it so that everyone can code, not just ~0.1% of the population. We help developers and companies with billions of lines of code create the software you use every day. In enabling more people to code, we believe we will create economic opportunity across the world and will drive progress that benefits everyone.

It’s an exciting time to join Sourcegraph. Our company is growing rapidly: we’ve experienced exponential growth and our $125M Series D from Andreessen Horowitz and $50M Series C from Sequoia have given us the opportunity to make big ambitious bets on our future. We have a huge market (every company that builds software) and massive opportunity (most developers haven’t even heard of code search yet, but once you’ve used it, you can’t live without it–just like Google web search). By continuing to hire exceptional people, we have the opportunity to make Sourcegraph one of the biggest technology companies in the world.

Why this job is exciting

As a Technical Product Manager for our DevOps team, you will be a crucial member of our exceptional high agency all-remote team to achieve our company-wide mission of helping Sourcegraph become the standard tool for searching and understanding public code. This position is part of the DevOps team at Sourcegraph, where you will have the opportunity to work closely with engineers and product designers to increase organizational velocity, performance, and quality.

There are quite a few really interesting problem areas that this team focuses on:

  • The Infrastructure used to host Sourcegraph.com, including dashboard and observability, uptime and reliability, and managing our cloud provider resources
  • Notably, this team has the ability to slow or stop rollouts to Sourcegraph.com if needed to improve stability
  • The continuous deployment of Sourcegraph.com

Within one month:

  • You will start building a trusting relationship with your team and peers.
  • You will understand the what, why, and how of the projects that your team is working on, how those projects contribute to our company goals, as well as current status, risks, and mitigations.
  • Be transparent in your internal and external communication. Sourcegraph is open source, so most discussions are public or in channels where you communicate directly with our customers.
  • Maintain the roadmap, backlog, and curate and solicit feedback for the product area.

Within three months:

  • Uphold your side of the PM – EM partnership responsibilities.
  • Add value to the user by surfacing real problems and improving the user’s workflow as a developer.
  • Gather customer feedback to validate priorities, improve documentation, and define product requirements.
  • Your peers in product and engineering are enthusiastic to work with you because you reliably follow-through with your commitments.
  • You will be able to communicate the 1-year vision for your team.

Within six months:

  • You will have improved planning, communication, and collaboration processes to help the team scale as we grow.
  • Grow usage and engagement of your ownership area and Sourcegraph as a whole.
  • You will celebrate the fact that your team has delivered key results in support of their objectives for the year.

Within one year:

  • You will collaborate with product and engineering leadership to develop the next set of ambitious goals that your org should work towards.
  • Communicate product ideas clearly by focusing on the problems that are being solved, the outcomes, and how we will measure success.

About you 

As a Product Manager, you’re the storyteller of the organization, pulling together the story of “why”, and getting people excited about DevOps and what your team is doing. You believe in DevOps as a culture, not just a tool, and have a deep love for developer productivity and can turn that passion into actionable initiatives to effectively drive progress toward our Cloud DevOps organization’s ambitious and technically challenging objectives. You collaborate with all parts of the organization to understand our market, our business model and the problems our customers are trying to solve to articulate a strategy. You are strongly aligned with our values, inspired by our mission to make it so that everyone can code, and motivated to do your best work at Sourcegraph.


  • 2+ years working as a Product Manager
  • This is a fairly technical role and requires previous engineering experience or close collaboration with a DevOps team to effectively communicate with engineers to make decisions affecting product scope and performance at scale.
  • Relevant domain knowledge and experience in one or more of the following areas: CI/CD, Observability, Uptime and Reliability, infrastructure, the DevOps lifecycle, Cloud services.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, technical writing ability, and use of data to back up your arguments.
  • Excellent experience using data balanced with a pragmatic understanding of how to make appropriate tradeoffs to ship quickly and iterate when necessary.
  • Demonstrated ability to drive and influence product strategy across engineering, design, and distribution .
  • Proven ability to work closely with technical stakeholders to find acceptable solutions.
  • Deep passion for open source, developer tools and productivity enhancements.
  • Ability to stay focused on goals and strategically prioritize work.
  • Your working hours overlap with 8am-4pm Pacific Time for at least 10 hours per week so we have time to collaborate synchronously when necessary.

Nice to Haves

  • Previous experience in a DevOps, SRE, or relevant engineering position
  • Previously led roadmap strategy and definition of infrastructure projects for an engineering or product organization
  • Previous work experience in developer tooling

Interview process [4.5 hours total + ~1 hour async writing]

We want to ensure Sourcegraph is an environment that suits your working style and empowers you to do your best work, so we are eager to answer any questions that you have about us at any point in the interview process.

You can find our fully documented interview process here.

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Not sure if this is you?

We want a diverse, global team, with a broad range of experience and perspectives. If this job sounds great, but you’re not sure if you qualify, apply anyway! We carefully consider every application, and will either move forward with you, find another team that might be a better fit, keep in touch for future opportunities, or thank you for your time.

Learn more about us

To create a product that serves the needs of all developers, we are building a diverse all-remote team that is distributed across the world. Sourcegraph is an equal opportunity workplace; we welcome people from all backgrounds and communities.

We provide competitive compensation and practical benefits to keep you happy and healthy so that you can do your best work.

Learn more about what it is like to work at Sourcegraph by reading our handbook.

We want to ensure Sourcegraph is an environment that suits your working style and empowers you to do your best work, so we are eager to answer any questions that you have about us at any point in the interview process.

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