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I am always looking to make new friends who understand my lifestyle of working remotely! The Remote Woman website has been such a great resource for me

Ladies – I want to share an outstanding resource, RemoteWoman, led by Jaira Romero. When you sign up for the listserv, you get emails curated with 5 remote positions of all industries and experience levels. You can also join a Slack channel to network with and learn from other women who are working remotely. Highly encourage you to look into this resource!!

I’m so glad RemoteWoman exists – I’m looking to network to find an entry level dev position.

I’m here to network with women across the globe to aid each other and further our careers. I am currently remote for my company, so excited to share best practices, contacts, open roles, ect.

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Nothing in this world is done alone. Especially for women working remotely, community is everything. This community is for positivity & supporting each other. There’s tons of ways to connect with each other. We have a variety of channels including: #general #shareadvice #jobs #resumereview, etc.

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