Listen to raw, real stories of women working remotely – both uplifting stories of triumphs as well as tragic stories of their struggles.

Jaira, founder of RemoteWoman, interviews women working remotely around the world. She’ll talk to women who are startup founders to new mothers to military spouses to world travelers & more…each with their own dreams and challenges. You’ll hear everything – from embarrassing stories of slack mishaps to uplifting stories of women able to spend more time with their kids to tragic stories of harassment & bias. By telling these stories, we hope to create a better world for women as the workforce moves remote.

Remote work is amazing, but… there are real issues like isolation, loneliness, organizational ambiguity and unclear work/life balance.

Despite its advantages, remote work can have drawbacks. Simply put, it’s not all sunshines & rainbows. We exist to help normalize the difficulties and to surface solutions that will guide the future transformation to 100% remote work.


We interview women working remotely from around the world and uncover real, honest stories of the ups and downs.

Whether it’s the founder of a remote-first company, the HR manager trying to improve diversity & inclusion or the woman working remotely. This podcast is for women professional who are looking to or are currently working remote. Whether you’re currently in an office dreaming of finding a remote job OR whether you’re in a coffee shop trying to hit a design deadline, we’re here to share the good, the bad and the ugly. As the world moves more remote, there are issues popping up – loneliness, isolation, communications issues, gender disparities & lack of promotion paths for women. We’re here to go deep to normalize the difficulties, learn about real human stories and learn how we can improve the future with tangible, tested tactics.

You may be getting ready in the morning, grabbing your morning coffee, driving or out on a run. You’re here to develop a better understanding of what life is like working remote. At the same time, you’ll hear the difficult, rough stories of what can go wrong – and learning how you can avoid the pitfalls that other women have run into. You’ll be inspired as well as become more rational about life working remote.

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