About Canopy
Canopy is a Fintech for Fintechs. We provide an immutable, bitemporal system of record to Fintechs that offer diverse financial products, ranging from credit and debit cards to installment loans and more.
What you’ll do
This is a Senior Engineering role, and the engineering team will look for your leadership on testing, devops, and overall engineering standards.
Operations will count on your work to have faith that we are doing calculations correctly. Ultimately this role will require a balance of the Engineering, Product, and Design mindset.
The backend consists of a Node API deployed via AWS Lambda and API Gateway, and a Postgres cluster deployed via Aurora. The frontend is an SPA. We’re looking to increase test coverage across the full stack with a hybrid approach of end-to-end, integration, and unit tests. The test automation suite is written in Java and uses RestAssured, TestNG, Selenium Webdriver, JMeter, and Gradle. Together with the QA lead, you’ll be expected to test for known issues, as well as to continuously question the domain space and unravel new edge cases and emergent issues that need to be accounted for in the test suite.


    • Own problems end-to-end, thinking through everything from architecture, data modeling, performance, scalability, and compliance.
    • Propagate knowledge throughout the organization and communicate effectively with stakeholders across the leadership, product, engineering, and QA teams.
    • Design test scenarios and refine requirements and acceptance criteria.
    • Create functional tests to validate a calculation-heavy application.
    • Summarize, visualize, and report automated test results.
    • Design load testing and system monitoring.
    • Work with our development team to ensure the product is user-friendly.
    • Own a test requirement end-to-end, starting from requirement analysis to manual and automation testing.
    • Anticipate technical and user issues and find, report, and test them before the code ever makes it to production.


    • Being a team player is absolutely critical. We are a fully-remote company so over-communication is a standard. The business domain is highly complex so staying close with the engineering, product, and other teams is necessary to make effective progress.
    • Proficient in Java and Object Oriented Programming.
    • Previous experience in industry with software testing and CI/CD.
    • 2+ years of experience developing automated tests.
    • Experience with Selenium Webdriver and TestNG.
    • Experience testing large REST APIs within an agile release pipeline.


    • Experience with Performance Testing tools.
    • Experience with CI/CD setup and basic deployment process.
    • Experience with AWS infrastructure.
    • Experience testing Single Page Apps.
    • Experience with SQL, PL/pgSQL, and testing of stored procedures.
    • Experience with highly regulated, compliance-driven industries.
    • Experience with financial calculations/transactions and testing thereof.