At Spline (spline.design), we are building a design tool to create 3d content for the web.

We are a small team, and we are just starting. We are looking for talented people who can help us build our culture, growth as team, and solve technical/graphic challenges.

We are passionate about building visual tools and solving creative challenges.

📚 Focus Areas

  • 🧩 Backend Development
    • Plan, design, and develop backend components.
    • Lead and participate on teams.
    • Code/Build/Design scalable architecture/processes for our design tool.
    • Work closely with front-end developers and help us solve the technical/graphical challenges.


    • Experience (4+ years) with Backend development (Please share real-life projects you worked on).
    • Experience (4+ years) with NodeJS(or Go)/AWS/Lambda/REST APIs/PostgreSQL.
    • Understanding of architectural design/patterns.

💸 Compensation

From 100-120k year

🙋‍♀️ How to apply

Fill out this form with your info: https://airtable.com/shrXyEDqiFFeeTXmt