Who we are:

Cardless is a new type of credit card company. We exist to make credit cards in the U.S. more fair, useful, and delightful.

We’re beginning by helping brands launch their own (“co-branded”) credit cards more quickly & easily. We just launched our first two brands, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Manchester United, and we’re excited for many more to come. Our cards are digital-first, consumer-friendly, and tailored to both brands & fans with delightful discounts & rewards.

We’re based in San Francisco, and have grown rapidly since our founding in 2019. We’re backed by top VCs like Accomplice, Greycroft, and Clocktower Ventures, as well as founders of Plaid, Plastiq, SeatGeek, Flatiron Health, and FiveStars.

The role:

Cardless customers begin their journey on the web, applying for our credit cards through our simple but streamlined React + TypeScript web app. (One customer describes it as: “possibly the most painless credit card application process I’ve ever had?”)

Today, our web experience ends once a customer is approved for a credit card (the experience shifts to mobile). We want to change that. We want to start by bringing the same utility & delight we have on mobile — like immediately showing you a virtual card number you can use right away — onto the web. But we also think there’s significant potential in integrating with the web’s larger ecosystem, like browser autofills, online wallets, and checkout systems.

We’re seeking a web-focused Lead Software Engineer to help take our simple web app of today and transform it into a broader web platform of tomorrow. Importantly, this includes laying a great foundation for other engineers to build on. We want to have a codebase that lets our engineers fall into a “pit of success”, helping them both move fast (e.g. through reusable components, Storybook or similar, and analytics-driven experimentation) and move with high quality (e.g. through linting, unit tests, and error reporting).

Besides writing & reviewing code, you’ll plan work, write tech specs & review design docs, lead projects, collaborate across disciplines (e.g. with PM, design, compliance & partnerships), and mentor other engineers. And if you do well and help us grow, you may be given the opportunity to manage a team if you’re interested in that.

The requirements:

Research has shown that women & underrepresented minorities read lists of requirements and consider themselves unqualified if they don’t meet every single one. This list represents what we’re ideally looking for, but we encourage you to apply even if you don’t meet everything 100%. Everyone has unique strengths & weaknesses, and we hire for strengths & potential, not lack of weaknesses.

• Experience architecting a React-based web app and iterating on it in production

• Experience leading projects, planning work, collaborating cross-functionally, and mentoring other engineers

• Broad, high-level expertise across engineering, product, and design (e.g. how apps work, APIs, UI & UX patterns, experimentation, etc.)

• Deep, low-level expertise in the web platform & React (covering e.g. layout, navigation/transitions, state management, etc.)

• Passion for both your craft (building things right) and achieving real-world impact (building the right things for our business & customers)


With San Francisco reopening, we’re excited to return to in-person collaboration and grow in SF. Our office is in the sunny Mission District near Dolores Park (and it’s beautiful).

To support an easier transition back, we’re letting employees work remotely up to 2 days/week, though this may change in the future.

We’re happy to cover up to $5,000 in relocation costs if you don’t already live in the Bay Area. We also provide commuter benefits and a childcare stipend (see below).

If working from San Francisco is untenable for you, but you’d love to join us and you have meaningful experience working remotely, let us know. (We’d love to hear about your experience with mixed office+remote in particular.) We’re not hiring remotely right now, but we value learning from others and re-evaluating our decisions with new information.

Benefits & perks:

In addition to competitive salaries and meaningful equity, we offer:

👩🏾‍⚕️ Top-of-the-line healthcare (medical, vision, and dental), with 100% primary coverage (and 75% dependent) for medical
🌴 Unlimited paid time off, with a minimum of 15 days off per year
🍱 Lunch at the office every day, and $30/day lunch expense for days you work from home
🚎 $220/month expense for public transit (BART/Muni) or our parking garage (plus covered Ubers/Lyfts after hours to the BART stop or parking garage)
🐣 $500/month childcare stipend through August, to help parents with childcare costs until their kids return to school
🍄 Free snacks & drinks in our office (along with ⬆️ standing desks, 🖥️ large-screen monitors, a lovely 🌳 outdoor garden, and an indoor 🏓 ping pong table)
✈️ Amazing team trips & offsites, including via our brand partners (e.g. the Cavs invited us to watch a game in a suite, and we stayed in a Ritz-Carlton across the street)
🤙🏾 Access to amazing advisors & investors, like Gil Shklarski (Flatiron Health CTO), Dorothy Kilroy (Airbnb & Marqeta exec), and Frank Mastrangelo (Bancorp founder)

Culture & values:

We’re small & early, so we’re still shaping our culture and expect to iterate on it. But for now, we value:

• Curiosity & humility. Our domain is complex, requiring input from many perspectives (product, engineering, design, legal/compliance, risk, operations, partnerships, and more) to be successful. We try to keep an open mind and listen to our colleagues.

• Diversity & inclusion. We’re building a product for mainstream America, so representation matters. Our work doesn’t stop with hiring; it continues with retention & growth.

• Quality & craft. Things like correctness, reliability, and security matter when dealing with people’s money. We try to get those things right the first time around.

• Rigor & discipline. We map our work to company goals and measure our progress with data; we think through the tradeoffs of our decisions; and we write & review design docs too, not just code. We approach our work with maturity and strive to build the world-class engineering team we all want to work in.

• Impact & growth! We all deeply want to succeed, and we believe that your individual success is our collective success. We’re happy to give you significant ownership & responsibility and help you rise to the occasion.

Next steps:

If this sounds up your alley, apply! You have nothing to lose, and we’ll get back to you within a week. If we move forward, here’s our typical process if all goes well:

  1. A 30-minute phone call with a recruiter to understand your high-level background and cover logistics & expectations (e.g. compensation).
  2. A 30-minute video call (over Zoom) with an engineering manager to dig more into your background and how you work.
  3. A one-hour live coding exercise with an engineer (over Zoom & CoderPad) on a data structures & algorithms problem. We don’t do overly tricky algorithms; this problem is intended to be real-world.
  4. A final round on-site! A typical interview panel covers system design/architecture, cross-functional collaboration, and values alignment (no whiteboard coding). This is over Zoom today, but we’ll be happy to cover your transportation costs (& lodging, if out of town) once this is back in the office. We’ll also cover lunch either way.

At every step of the way, we’ll leave time for you to ask us questions, and we encourage you to ask away. We look forward to hearing from you!