This is a unique opportunity to cofound Web3 & Society, which builds education and tooling to steward crypto for the public good.

Web3 & Society

I. What is Roote?

Roote (www.roote.co) is an educational hub and for-public startup studio accelerating the personal and collective transformation necessary for humanity’s transition to the Wisdom Age.

  1. Our educational hub runs the Roote Fellowship, a podcast, and a newsletter.
  2. Our startup studio launches Roote Projects, ambitious projects which catalyze systems-level change for a wiser world. Web3 & Society is a Roote Project.

II. Role Overview

Web3 is both the next wave of the internet and the first new type of money in centuries.

It couples memes to money and enables large-scale decentralized human coordination.

It’s a really really big deal.

You will lead Web3 & Society as a CEO. You will be responsible for fundraising, network-building, hiring, and strategy. Your north star: what value can you provide today so that in 2050 we look back and say “We did Web3 right.”

There’s no EFF or ICANN for Web3. No MIRI or OpenAI. You will build this (as Web3 & Society) in a community-first, digitally-native way.

This position is extremely entrepreneurial. We’re looking for a relentlessly resourceful teammate who learns and executes quickly.

If you’re interested in leading something new that will maximize your rate-of-learning, please apply!

What You’ll Do

Find, validate, and scale ideas.

  • Voraciously consume information and network with folks to learn how things work, what people think, and what’s coming next in Web3. You will go to 3-10 crypto events each year and will engage with different niches of the Web3 Twitter community:
    • BTC, ETH, etc.
    • VCs, policymakers, and founders
    • DAOs, NFTs, and DeFi
  • Validate possible Web3 & Society initiatives by testing demand from relevant audiences like funders and customers, and gauging venture feasibility by doing R&D and quickly building MVPs.
  • Launch and scale Web3 & Society initiatives by securing the human and financial capital necessary to scale the projects. Fundraise from ambitious projects and hire ambitious people.

You will do all of this in a network-first way: by building community and collaborating with existing communities.

As a specific example, here are Web3 & Society initiatives that we’re starting to create:

  • Education. Web3 should be more diverse than Web2 or fintech.
    • WAGMI Bootcamp: A Web3 developer bootcamp for underrepresented groups
    • WAGMI Retail Investing: General Web3 education for underrepresented groups
    • WAGMI Public: An education program for the general public and policymakers
  • Tooling. Crypto should have world-class dashboards that steward the epistemic commons.
  • Community. Most of the smartest people work for someone else. Collaborate with them.
    • We want to make Web3 decentralized, private, and secure. Collaborate with projects like:
    • Solve meta-coordination problems by acting as glue between DAOs and with hashtags like #DeFi, #DeSci, #DeSo, and #DeThics.
    • Build community around a Roote / Web3 & Society Impact DAO for scaling and decentralizing our operations.
    • Engage with the best crypto movements like the Public Goods community.
  • Culture and values. Positively shape the memes of Web3.

After 1 year, success looks like: you’ve raised $10M for Web3 & Society across 10+ strategic partners, have 10+ employees working on initiatives, and have 100+ invested folks in a Web3 & Society DAO.

After 3 years, success looks like: society is enthusiastically optimistic about Web3’s impact. You have $50M in annual run rate across the community and have progressively decentralized Web3 & Society through a #DeThics network with 10,000+ members.

See our $5M one-pager.

You May Be a Fit if You

  • Have been green pilled and are excited by the future of Web3. You don’t need to already be working in Web3, but you need to have conviction that in 2050, Web3 is Society.
  • Want to build community in Web3.
  • Have created apps, startups, or communities from scratch. (Or just want to do so!)
  • Thrive in uncertainty. You enjoy creating certainty from uncertainty.
  • Have a strong bias toward concrete action. You should often ask: “Why can’t this be done sooner?”
  • Have a strong bias towards ambition. You should often ask: “Is this the most ambitious plan we could come up with?”

Even if not all of these apply to you, we’d still love to consider your application, particularly if you’d like to learn more of these. Studies show that you can be considered for a role even if many of a job posting’s listed qualifications don’t apply to you. We evaluate all applications holistically.

Why You Might Be Excited About Us

  • You get to be weird and creative. This is not a traditional VC firm, tech company, online school, or academic research hub.
  • You want to work with us. Here is our team. And here are our How to Work With Me Manuals.
  • We have a great network. You want to work with global leaders and ambitious frontier people.
  • You are aligned with Roote’s guiding mission and values.
  • We have an extremely flexible leave policy and provide benefits including full health, dental, and vision coverage.

To learn more about Roote, check out our website, which includes our report on Building The Wisdom Age and our illustrated piece on Marriage Counseling With Capitalism.

III. Logistics

Type: Full-time.

Time Expectation: Start as soon as possible.

Location: We are a hybrid org based in the SF Bay Area. If you’re here, we’d work in the office together a few days a week. If you’re not here, we’d have quarterly offsites.

Compensation: This is a founding role, so the starting salary is $70,000/year + equity or tokens if this project spins out as a for-profit or DAO. We expect to increase the salary as we grow.

(The listed salary is based on US rates. We adjust salaries to reflect regional costs of living.)


  • Health Care Plan (Medical, Dental & Vision)
  • Retirement Plan (401k, IRA)
  • Paid Time Off (Vacation, Sick & Public Holidays)
  • Family Leave (Maternity, Paternity)
  • Short Term & Long Term Disability
  • Training & Development
  • Work From Home
  • Wellness Resources