Quickly maturing startup seeking like-minded Data Center Engineer! PacketFabric redefines how companies procure, consume, and manage their network connectivity. The technical team is a small, talented, and close-knit group, and we need a Data Center Engineer to help grow and manage our 180+ data center sites.


As a well-rounded Data Center Engineer, you will be part facilities engineer, part network engineer and part project manager. Your job is to get new hardware into the field and bring it online for customer use. You should definitely be the type that appreciates diversity in your day, and challenges outside of your comfort level! You will be organizing logistics for rapid domestic and international infrastructure deployments so you must come armed with well developed problem solving skills, be willing to take risks, and prepared to improve processes on the fly. A typical day in the life of a PacketFabric Data Center Engineer might include these types of activities:

  • Help determine which of PacketFabric’s 180+ data center sites need capacity upgrades.
  • Ensure that spare capacity is always available to support customer growth and PacketFabric’s industry leading capacity on demand business model.
  • Plan out which switches, routers, optical equipment, fiber distribution panels, and power circuits need to be upgraded and how best to upgrade them.
  • Work with our vendors to procure which parts and services are needed.
  • Generate instructions, MOPs, and maintenance procedures for our Data Center Engineers or outside contractors to execute. Supervise maintenance windows and procedures.
  • Ensure new capacity passes quality control and hand over to network engineering.
  • Work with our software developers to automate the most frequent, irritating, and cumbersome parts of your job.
  • And of course, since this is a start-up, we aren’t just asking you to wear one hat. When you get a break, you can assist any of our other teams!

Skills & Requirements

The right candidates will most likely have a strong background working in large scale data center or telecommunications environments, with a proven track record of completing projects on time in spite of obstacles.

  • Experience installing, testing, and troubleshooting optical fiber circuits, from 1 gig to 100 gig.
  • Understanding of multi-tenant data center environments (carrier hotels and co-location facilities). Expert understanding of this ecosystem and which company is responsible for what. (Customer, Data Center Operator, Telecommunications Vendor or Customer)
  • Understanding of large scale data center environments (power, cooling, physical hardware, cabling topologies.
  • Ability to instruct contractors or remote hands technicians.
  • Ability to operate independently in a small startup environment. Plan a job, send a material list to be purchased, book a flight and hotel, complete the job and come home – and deal with problems that come up during this process. (or supervise technicians and contractors in parts of this)
  • Ability to learn new technologies, all of PacketFabric’s equipment is brand new and cutting edge.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets – Ability to create complex documents, materials lists, MOPs.
  • Experience estimating a job, both time and materials for at least two equipment racks of industry standard switches, routers, and servers.
  • Ability to write technical documentation.
  • Experience racking and cabling servers, switches, routing and optical hardware.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Visio or CAD, ability to quickly draw a rack elevation or circuit diagram.
  • Knowledge of command line operating systems (Cisco, Juniper, Linux), ability to console network equipment or servers, perform basic troubleshooting and configuration. Ability to support our network engineers over the phone as their hands and eyes.
Entry Level
  • Knowledge of command line operating systems (Cisco, Juniper, Linux), ability to perform basic troubleshooting and configuration (Check light levels on an interface, observe port up/down status, and very basic set commands like enable/disable port, set port speed and port description.
  • Ability to lift at least 50 pounds.
  • Ability to distinguish standard telecommunications color codes (Fiber and Copper)
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Travel appx 20%, 40% for the first few months.
  • Must have valid passport & ability to travel internationally
  • Ability to pass a background check
Nice to Have (any not all)

About PacketFabric, LLC.

What PacketFabric offers:
  • The chance to disrupt the entrenched Internet infrastructure industry.
  • A supportive and optimistic team that likes to learn from each other.
  • A product development pipeline that’s always pushing new features and enhancing the quality of existing products.
  • The opportunity to work with many different technologies.
  • The opportunity to work with lots of open source technology.
  • A small company culture.
  • A flat reporting structure.
  • Outstanding health, dental, and 401(k) for US residents.
What PacketFabric doesn’t offer:
  • Lack of direction: we maintain a clear roadmap and product pipeline.
  • Pre-meetings: we don’t hold meetings to plan other meetings.
  • A commute: no hours wasted in megaregion rush hour traffic.
  • A dress code: a robe and slippers is acceptable attire any day of the week.