We’re searching for skilled, passionate, thoughtful designers to join our team building fun understandable experiences that help our customers get their jobs done with ease.

This is a phenomenal opportunity for you to have a major impact with your designs. We value people who are not only excellent designers, interface creators, and quality optimizers, but also those who can work really well with others on the team to bring those ideas to the world. Your work will revolve around the continuous evolvement of HubSpot’s Design System, Canvas – from exploring and reviewing ideas to building on top of an extensive component library and documenting design patterns. The ideal candidate for this role will be able to contribute and assist in taking our widely supported and adopted system’s look, structure and consistency to the next level.

In this role, you’ll get to:

  • Own, update and evolve the look and feel of HubSpot Canvas, its components and design patterns
  • Document design guidelines and actively share knowledge on how to utilize the design system
  • Work closely with cross-functional teams to build a consistent UX & UI experience across the whole customer journey
  • Build and test UI components that are highly usable
  • Support a unified UX and interaction library
  • Direct investments in design tools to further scale Canvas to the organization
  • Collaborate with our Frontend as a Service team to bring component designs to life
  • Help shape the design culture at HubSpot that will ultimately define every interaction customers have with our products.

We are looking for people who:

  • Have a strong understanding of design systems, visual design and user experience
  • Have previous experience designing high quality interfaces & design systems
  • Have gained a deep understanding of usability principles (and have run quant usability tests with rigor) and practices applied to interaction and visual design
  • Are passionate about system design, and have deep knowledge of platform specific best practices
  • Love working hand in hand with developers, product managers, writers, service, and research to frame problems and frequently ship solutions together as one team
  • Have a curiosity to learn and a willingness to adapt as new and different challenges constantly emerge
  • Are very experienced with Sketch, and familiar with prototyping tools such as InVision

What types of problems do we work on?

We’re helping the actual human people running small and medium-sized companies grow their businesses using a single simple platform. From small sales teams, marketing-departments-of-one, and part-time services folks to medium-sized orgs that have their sea legs, we’re all about helping these sized businesses grow.

What is growth? Growth for our customers means being able to hire more people, build and sell more products, and help more and more of their customers succeed -but not at any cost. Baked into the products we make are practices and approaches to growth that help customers sell, market, and service their customers responsibly, in ways we’d want to experience.

If you want to guide what the future of growth looks like, these are the kinds of problems to work on.

How do we design?

Design at HubSpot is both grounded in experience design fundamentals and a deep belief that small autonomous teams are the best way to get excellent work in customer’s hands.

  • We value solving for the customer above all else
  • We give each designer the responsibility and ownership to chart the course for their designs throughout the product and across teams. We don’t do sign-offs and burdensome documentation.
  • We respect user research and content and work cooperatively with them while designing
  • We carefully lead and maintain a high-functioning, usability-centered design system and design language with our front end teammates.
  • We’re embedded on small teams with engineers and product managers in sane sustainable ratios.

About HubSpot

HubSpot helps millions of organizations grow better, and we’d love to grow better with you. Our business builds the software and systems that power the world’s small to medium-sized businesses. Our company culture builds connections, careers, and employee growth. How? By creating a workplace that values flexibility, autonomy, and transparency. If that sounds like something you’d like to be part of, we’d love to hear from you.

You can find out more about our company culture in the HubSpot Culture Code, which has more than 3M views, and learn about our commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, too. Thanks to the work of every HubSpotter globally who has helped build our remarkable culture, HubSpot has been named a top workplace by Glassdoor, Fortune, Entrepreneur, and more.

HubSpot was founded in 2006. We’re headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and we have offices in New Hampshire, Dublin (Ireland), Sydney (Australia), Singapore, Tokyo (Japan), Berlin (Germany), and Bogotá (Colombia).

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