You’ll join our team to launch developer tools and show people how to use them. We’re UI engineers who build tools for fellow UI engineers. We care about the craft of development and will only ship work we can be proud of.

DX combines engineering with writing and marketing. You’ll work on everything from developing CLIs to writing guides to talking about best practices.

Required Time Zone: US Pacific Time to Central European Time


  • Develop integrations, libraries, plugins, and micro-sites to enable folks to build component-driven UIs.
  • Teach by creating guides, articles, and docs.
  • Launch info products like books and video series
  • Grow community across existing channels GitHub, email, and chat.
  • Experiment with new channels to communicate with developers.
  • Talk to developers wherever they live to find out what their challenges are
  • Recommend DX improvements to product, marketing, and design. Or go ahead and make the improvements yourself.


  • 5+ years of experience building web app UIs (JavaScript/TS, browser and DOM APIs)
  • Extensive CSS experience (e.g animations, tricky layouts)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Track record of teaching and mentoring others
  • Strong understanding of content publishing lifecycle: writing, editing, producing, launching
  • Marketing basics: building an audience across channels and engaging with them
  • Awareness of recent developments in web technologies

Salary Range: US$143K – US$176K + equity. Learn more about our compensation philosophy here. For a list of our other benefits & a peek into life at Chromatic, visit our careers page.