What is Stackbit?
Stackbit is the first open, complete platform for the Jamstack — it’s the easiest way to get started with the best tools for the modern web. Our website production platform, based on next-gen Jamstack technology, rethinks how we build, edit and even host websites. We are on a mission to make this modern architecture available and easily usable for everyone — developers, marketers, content creators and designers.
What it’s like to work with us
We are a lean team of explorers, builders, scientists and just plain curious folks who live and breathe the Jamstack. We decided to tackle the massive challenge of orchestrating an ever-growing set of tools that need to play nicely together, and we keep this in mind with every project we decide to take on. At Stackbit, you will have the prerogative to make things happen, along with empowerment to determine what these “things” are. You will be part of a flat, fully distributed organization, with an uncanny entrepreneurial spirit and relentless motivation to move the needle where it counts. We help each other, uplift each other, and rely on each other’s feedback and expertise to inform our choices and help us make the web, better.

As a Developer Experience Engineer, what will you be doing?

    • TL;DR – this is an extremely influential role at Stackbit and will focus on making sure we have amazing developer tools and the right documentation in place to make our developers (customers and partners) successful
    • Your main goal is to make it easy, streamlined, and fun to build awesome stuff on top of our platform and the Jamstack
    • Work closely with product, engineering, support, users & partners to push the product to new heights, teach users what is possible with the JAMstack, and build tooling/docs/demos to attract people into our ecosystem
    • You’ll be the most active dogfooder of our systems and are expected to stretch, bend, and break the tools we offer to make things better for the ever expanding group of developers:
    • Building demo applications with bleeding edge tech
    • Coming up with innovative & creative ways to build things on Stackbit
    • Working with other SAAS companies and onboarding them as partner integrations
    • Building a world class developer experiences including tooling, CLI
    • Creating content/talks/presentations spreading awareness on what’s truly possible on Stackbit
    • One of the core responsibilities of this role would be to create world-class documentation for our developers, revamping and restructuring our technical documentation, creating deeply technical how-tos, thought leadership pieces, etc.
    • You will contribute to our overall developer strategy with your industry experience, relationships, and knowledge of developer best practices, trends, and concepts

Minimum requirements for the role

    • Deep knowledge of and experience with the node.js ecosystem, static site generators, and headless CMS and other components of modern / Jamstack web development
    • Experience with building and maintaining technical developer documentation and a passion to educate developers and make them successful.
    • At least 3 years of senior experience in Developer Experience Engineering
    • Front-end development experience
    • Startup experience – fully autonomous, working without a handbook and defining your own role as you go along, quickly adapting to changes and excited by moving fast and driving impact

What will make us a good fit together?

    • At Stackbit, we believe it is never “somebody else’s problem” and we greatly appreciate team players who jump at the chance to make things happen
    • You enjoy writing and creating content that will help other developers and users accomplish their goals and make them successful
    • Ability to take a deep dive to find the root cause of an issue and work with the team to resolve it to the delight of our users
    • Take pride in owning your successes and failures and use them to improve your work and the work of those around you, to build a better product and team
    • You enjoy giving feedback and welcome receiving it. We strongly believe in constructive delivery that helps everyone become a better version of themselves
    • Impact-driven – We understand our users, set and prioritize objectives, find the correct way to measure how we’re doing against those objectives and ruthlessly execute, while monitoring actual impact vs. projected impact to constantly improve
    • Able to communicate across countries and cultures, and engage in discussions about the product in a meaningful way. Comfortable working with a fully distributed, global team, with different timezones and availabilities
What does the hiring process look like?
We take a straightforward and mindful approach to interviewing. During the process, you’ll meet with a founder, related team members, and complete a technical skills review, either written or by virtual meeting. Interviews are 30-60 minutes and usually 1:1.