At Sourcegraph, our customers and community are developers, and we equate developer relations with community relations. As the Director of Community, you’ll collaborate with our marketing, engineering, customer engineering, and product teams to develop Sourcegraph’s community relations strategy and goals from the ground up. You’ll build an empathetic, empowered community relations team focused on growing developer awareness of and trust in Sourcegraph, helping to make developers’ lives easier, and supporting our mission to make coding accessible for everyone.


In the first 30 days you will…

Create a comprehensive community relations strategy

  • Create a comprehensive community relations strategy to engage the developer community, including partner, customer, and open source advocates, across GitHub, Twitter, Stack Overflow, Slack, Discord, Reddit, Hacker News, and other relevant channels.
    • Collect feedback from external sources, customers and internal teams to help inform efforts across the channels developers trust and frequent.
    • Evaluate available data to determine which channels are currently our best referral sources.
    • Define what a healthy, inclusive Sourcegraph community looks like, and where it thrives.
    • Create and evangelize our community guidelines.
    • Create and start tracking community team goals.
    • Identify and implement any tools needed to accomplish community goals.
  • Stay immersed in relevant industry news and trends to guide community engagement and customer/partner/influencer content collaboration.
  • Catalyze meaningful community discussions, and track developer mentions of Sourcegraph and related topics on social media channels, crafting timely and thoughtful responses.
  • Inspire and support our internal dev advocates and teams in the creation of compelling, widely read and shared developer content for our blog, podcast, social channels, and virtual events.

In the first 60 days you will…

  • Begin to build a high agency community team, which will likely include:
    • Developer Evangelism Manager
    • Open Source Program Manager
    • Community Advocates
    • Technical Writers
  • Help make our user experience more intuitive by creating meaningful, shareable developer resources, contributing to our docs, and soliciting and relaying developer feedback to our product and engineering teams.
  • Partner with the Editor in Chief to create a welcoming space where our community can create and discuss content about common interests, together.
  • Dream up and participate in high quality virtual community events.
  • Create an internal speaking program and train and support internal developer advocates.

In the first 90 days you will…

  • Build and scale an open source program that expands OSS use of Sourcegraph by providing value for leading projects, for example:
    • Providing search homepages for OSS projects and integrating Sourcegraph into OSS onboarding and reference documentation.
    • Working with OSS projects to enable LSIF and add a Sourcegraph badge in their README.
  • Identify and execute mutually beneficial co-marketing opportunities that will raise awareness within the developer community and drive referrals.
  • Grow the amount of advocates within our Sourcegraph community and increase brand engagement with high quality content, virtual events, and experiences.
  • Increase the number of developers who regularly mention, give talks, write content, and organize/attend virtual events related to Sourcegraph.


  • 5+ years of experience leading inclusive developer relations or community advocacy programs.
  • You have direct management experience and have built and led successful teams.
  • You have a strong understanding of technical communities, and empathy for developers’ challenges.
  • You have cultivated a diverse personal network and you’re plugged into the developer and open source communities.
  • You are both people-first and goal-driven in your approach to building and nurturing communities.
  • You are a creative thinker and understand what will resonate with developers.


  • A passion for open source software.
  • Experience speaking publicly about technical topics.
  • Experience writing code.

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  4. We check your references.
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