Sourcegraph has a clear mandate from our customers to scale our business, our product, and our engineering team, as detailed in our announcement that we raised a $50m Series C from Sequoia. Read through our handbook to learn about our teamour visionour valuesour goals, and many other things.
Today, the engineering team is about 35 people, divided into 7 teams, and all engineering managers report to me, Nick Snyder, VP of Engineering. We need to grow our existing engineering teams as well as create new ones, but I am at management capacity, so I am looking for a Director of Engineering to help me scale our engineering org.
Here is our current 2021 plan for engineering. I am most likely looking for someone who is interested in taking over the platform and infrastructure side of the engineering team, but am open to chatting with you if you are interested more in the product side of the business.
I am looking for an experienced Director of Engineering to partner with me and our existing engineering management team to figure out how to sustainably double the capacity of our engineering team, through hiring and productivity investments, over the next year.


    • You have led a medium/large engineering organization (~18 people or more) of multiple teams (you had engineering managers reporting to you).
    • You have created and grown engineering teams from 0 to N by hiring both software engineers, as well as engineering managers.
    • You have designed and implemented hiring processes for software engineers and engineering managers that minimized bias and produced high quality, diverse teams.
    • Your working hours overlap with 8am-4pm Pacific Time for at least 10 hours per week so we have time to collaborate synchronously when necessary.


    • You will lead and support the work of multiple engineering teams.
    • You will grow and organize the engineering teams that you lead to meet the needs of our business.
    • You will source, recruit, and hire excellent engineers and engineering managers to create a diverse team.
    • You will ensure that your engineering teams have clearly documented goals that are aligned with company goals, supported by metrics, and incremental enough for the team to make and communicate measurable progress each week.
    • You will model, teach, and apply our values in everyday interactions.
    • You will facilitate and sustain a healthy, inclusive team culture where everyone is set up to do their best work.

This is a great opportunity if you are looking to

    • Work on a team of humble, high agency people who are motivated to succeed and a pleasure to work with.
    • Shape the direction and culture of a growing engineering team.
    • Make strategic decisions that are directly tied to the success of our business.
    • Lead development on a product that developers love and use every day.
    • Be challenged to grow in your career as we scale our business, product, and team over the next few years.
    • Work at an all-remote company that can attract the best development talent worldwide with a generous compensation philosophy and equity upside.

Interview process

    • [45m] Intro call with Nick Snyder, VP Engineering
    • [45m] Intro call with Beyang Liu, CTO
    • [90m] Working session with Nick Snyder and another engineering manager if available.
    • [Async] With an all-remote worldwide team, good async written communication is essential. Pretend today is your first day at Sourcegraph. Write a 1-2 page Google Doc that communicates to your manager (Nick) and your team (1) what outcomes you expect to achieve in your first 30/60/90 days and (2) the work process you will follow to achieve those outcomes. Configure the sharing settings on the document so that anyone with the link can comment, and then email the link to nick@sourcegraph.com. We’ll ask any questions we have by directly commenting on the document.
    • [60m] Technical experience
    • [60m] Team collaboration
    • [30m] CEO
    • Any other informal conversations with people who you would be working closely with but didn’t get to meet during the interview process.