Every day, millions of people rely on WeTransfer to share their creative ideas.

Having made its name in the game of quick and simple file-sharing, WeTransfer has grown into an end-to-end suite of digital solutions with more than 87 million monthly active users in 190 countries. Beyond the WeTransfer.com platform, we have the storytelling platform WePresent, quick slide-making tool Paste, immersive sketching app Paper, and inspiration-capturing tool Collect. We design and deliver delightful experiences that continue to feel obvious and intuitive to millions of people—from our moms to your favorite artists. As a certified B-Corp, WeTransfer aims to be a sustainable and responsible tech company, balancing people, planet, and profit

So, the work we do matters. Come and be a part of it.

⚠️ please don’t mind of the location, we can hire in the UK and NL ⚠️

What you’ll be working on

    • Manage the development and delivery of technical solutions across multiple teams
    • Maintain a deep understanding of engineering/product/business needs and work with product management to ensure your team has a clear vision
    • Support and mentor engineers as they grow technically and professionally
    • Balance priorities of your teams and enable them to effectively complete long term projects while fixing bugs, managing technical debt, and offer support to the engineering organisation
    • Set and monitor performance goals for teams and individuals, providing feedback through reviews, one-on-one’s, and regular discussions
    • Connect engineering to the rest of the business by clearly communicating business goals to your engineering teams, as well as technical solutions to stakeholders
    • Collaborate with the recruitment team to hire new team members

Qualities we’ll be looking for

    • Someone who values open and honest communication and good teamwork to achieve a shared vision.
    • A passionate learner who isn’t afraid of new tools and technologies and who loves to share their knowledge and experience.
    • Experience in a team leadership role managing engineers
    • Enjoy coaching and mentoring people towards their professional development goalsEnthusiasm for both what we build and how we build it
    • Experience implementing or overseeing the implementations of software for scale using design patterns that reduce waste and improve delivery
    • Keen sense of modern technology trends and experience working with modern frameworks and services
    • Experience in process implementation and in actively challenging engineers to produce meaningful products
    • Affinity for excellent design and user experience
    • Broad technical and creative interests (we’d love to see any side projects you enjoy)Self-directed, analytical, highly responsible and work well in a team environment
    • Strong verbal and written communications skills (English)

WeTransfer is an equal opportunity employer and we pride ourselves on the diversity of our people. We welcome you, and everything that makes you—well, you. That includes your gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, age, or disability status.

A note on remote

Covid has changed the world. Just as much as it changed us. While we can’t wait until offices re-open, being at the office will not be mandatory in the future. This way, you get the best from both worlds. That move is still pretty new for us though, we are getting there, we are writing more, doing more async communication, and are now ready to take it to the next level.