Are you interested in working at RStudio but don’t see an engineering role for you right now?

This is a place for you to submit your resume or profile. From time to time, we will review the profiles we have received here to see if there might be a good fit for any of our future positions.

Here’s what we generally look for in engineering candidates:
  • You are humble, and play well with other people. You thrive in team settings, and exhibit excellent communication and collaboration skills. For example, offering constructive feedback in code reviews, writing user-centered documentation, and chatting with masterful use of text and emojis in Slack.
  • You flourish when solving problems for your customers through product-mindedness. You are comfortable with a little bit of ambiguity, and enjoy the opportunity to shape the future of the product.
  • You are an experienced “T-shaped” software engineer exhibiting broad knowledge of the entire discipline with deeper specializations in a few areas such as architecture, design, test automation, or front-end technologies, etc.
  • You are internally motivated by curiosity and continuous learning. You have demonstrated that you can be entrusted with big decisions, and strive to bring understanding and empathy to the entire team.
  • You can function effectively in a distributed team. This means you are reliable, you know when to ask for help, you invest in strong relationships with your colleagues, and you know yourself well enough to be accountable for your own self-management.

About us

RStudio is a scientific and technical computing public benefit corporation. We make free open-source data science software used by millions of people. Our commercial software is used by hundreds of thousands of people in more than 1,200 organizations today.

The problem we solve is huge and straightforward: The technology to amass data exceeds our abilities to make use of it. We help people to understand their data, share that understanding with others, and use that understanding to make their businesses and the world better.

Every organization is a potential customer for RStudio and many already use our free and open-source tools for R and Python today. As the open-source data science movement grows, RStudio is uniquely positioned to provide a general purpose, modular, commercial data science platform for organizations who are adopting these open-source data science languages at scale.

We are a lean, distributed team, passionate about making R accessible to people all over the world, regardless of economic means. We are an organization that values talent, humility, and hard work over hierarchy.
  • 100% remote (or come in to one of our offices in Seattle or Boston)
  • Pick your hardware — we want to equip you with what you need to do your best work
  • All our full time employees are given an allowance to outfit their home office
  • We have a flexible environment with a “take what you need” vacation policy
  • Positive, passionate culture working with a world-class team committed to data science and the R language