● Demonstrates the ability to “step into voice”
● Thinks creatively about logistics and planning with
attention to both detail and strategy
● Comfort with being emergent while also being clear when
decisions must be made
● Willing to offer insights and observations that streamline
efforts while also remaining humanistic
● Understands the importance and value of relationship

• Robust client management and calendaring across time
zones Previous experience as a consultant working virtually
• Excellent communication skills
• Exceptional organizational and time management skills and
works well with fast-paced directions
• Masterful at overseeing simultaneous, complex activities
that have multiple components.
• Ease and expertise in Google Suite, Office 365, Asana and
• Exceptional attention to detail and strategic orientation
• Expertise in the vast array of virtual meeting platforms
(including Whova, Engagez, Brella, YouTube, Mural and
• Familiarity with the US philanthropic/nonprofit sector

• Curious
• Integrity
• Self-Determination
• Relational

• Autonomous
• Detail-oriented
• Emergent
• Flexible
• Creative

Considers language, tone, and imagery in our communications
as well as the design and delivery of experiences consistent
with the EEI intention and the larger Strategic Communications
Open, responsive, genuine interest in the individuals and
organizations EEI is in relationship with and brings that to life in
how we communicate about the structure and cadence of
offerings and how both the EEI Team and the EEI Community
are supported.
Hovers above issues to identify, note, and lift up opportunities
within the EEI community. Seeks to understand philanthropic
sector and the ways in which EEI can support the seeding of the
field of EFF Practice Partners.
Respects the processes developed to support the EEF PP’s.
Threads and weaves what EEF PP’s are doing among and across
classes. Supports the transition out of the two-year practice
partner arc and into the field of EEP Practitioners.

The Network Community Manager provides
programmatic support across EEI which is based
on a partnership model.
Working remotely, the Network Community
Manager will support internal EEI community
communications and programming (virtual and in-person).

The Equitable Evaluation Initiative engages and supports a creative team of big thinkers, change
makers and problem solvers who all value and nurture relationships. We are group of people who
believe we must move beyond the currently defined boundaries of role and work to create a world
where equity, justice and liberation exist. We put this in to practice daily.
Given the nature of the endeavor, how each of us shows up in the work influences the experience of
others on the team and our partners. With this in mind, we respect and encourage folks to tend to
their well-being. We recognize that we all have commitments outside of EEI and extend the trust and
flexibility to attend to those. EEI winters in the month of December and January so that we can rest,
reflect, and restore.
In order to support and sustain our workspace culture, each member of the team holds responsibility
to and for the collective. We engage in practices with one another that ensure ease and flow of
communication, collaboration, and connection. We approach each other and our work with
abundance and curiosity as we explore what might be possible.
The Network Manager joins the EEI team lead by the Initiative Director and support by the Director
of Practice Evolution and Engagement and Director of Strategic Communications and Media
Relations. The work of the Network Manager supports the ease and flow of organizational,
programmatic, and communications schedules, online venues, in person events and the many and
varied EEI partners to include (but not limited to) consultants, foundations, investors, nonprofits).
The Network Manager is half time (20-25 hours) remote contractual engagement with an annual
compensation of $35,000.
The EEI team meet semi-monthly to connect and map out the intersections of our work in the
coming weeks. There is an annual EEI retreat in late January which the Network Manager may asked
to participate/attend. This retreat helps the EEI team strategize and prepare for the next year.
Anticipated length of contract July 2021- July 2022 with opportunity to renew for 2022-2023, 2023-
2024 when the Equitable Evaluation Initiative will transition at the end of its 6- year life cycle.

Website: equiteableeval.org | Twitter: @equitableeval | Linkedin: Equitable Evaluation Initiative

To apply please submit your resume and letter of interest to eei-ncm@talentcitizen.com by July 8, 2021.  We plan on filling this position by the end of July is not sooner.

To apply for this job email your details to networkcommunitymanager@equitableeval.org