What is VEED.IO?

VEED.IO is an online video editing platform that makes creative videos easy and accessible to all. Our platform is used by millions of creators around the world who use our products to tell stories, create content, grow audiences and more (hey, you might even know some of them!).

Since we started VEED in 2018, we have grown much faster than we could have ever imagined. We are now one of the most popular video editing applications in the world. As our user base grows so does our talented team and we would love you to be part of that journey.

Who are we looking for?

This is an amazing opportunity for a freelancer (like you) who wants to:

  • Work from anywhere in the world doing what you love – creating videos!
  • Build the coolest video stock library of different subjects, landmarks and landscapes (think Pexels)
  • Grow your personal brand and portfolio with your work on our site
  • Make your mark in a quickly growing start up that our users love
  • Make content so good people end their search with us and other companies want to be like us

We want to create content sooooo good the user feels they need nothing more. Our content is the end destination where the user thinks “Woah, this is exactly what I needed! I should bookmark this site.”

What’s the budget?

Our budget is approximately $1000 per 30 clips – all footage will be reviewed and approved. We are looking for the best videographers and are open to negotiations for people with impressive portfolios that demonstrate creative work.


What are our specifications?

  • We are looking for 4K clips, lasting 10 to 30 seconds each and in 24, 60 or 120 FPS on H264 and MP4/MOV format.
  • We would prefer videographers with access to; cinema cameras, drones, DSLR cameras or mirrorless cameras.
  • We would love to receive around 30 clips per week


  • Applications without a portfolio will not be considered
  • We would really encourage applications from ALL candidates. Our team is diverse in every way possible and we want to keep it that way πŸ™‚


Freelance – set your own hours

Remote – work from anywhere in the world