About us

Before submitting your resume, the following pages can help you learn more about the culture of the Arc & Codementor engineering team, and also answer many questions about the operation of the company/team in advance, hoping to help you make a more complete assessment!

Arc & Codementor Engineer Recruitment Information

Creative thinking

  • Do you often have endless ideas? The Growth Team needs creative talents to join, and each member has the right to propose and vote.
  • We encourage each member of the Growth Team to try various products and explore the various possibilities of our products. With the goal of effectively increasing the users of the products, any unimaginable idea may be realized.
  • As a member of the Growth Team, we also encourage you to challenge the decision of every idea in the team, and help the team implement it in a smarter way through fierce and rational debate.

Goal + data oriented

  • According to the company’s OKR, the Growth Team will set the team’s common goals every two months, and discuss personal goals and work content based on the team’s goals.
  • Growth Team attaches great importance to the effectiveness of goals. We use data to verify each hypothesis and use the verified results as the basis for further optimization.

Work content

  • A variety of new attempts to develop and verify the verification product, and MVP-oriented to produce functions that can be quickly verified by the market, and determine the possible future direction of the product.
  • Continue to develop new web pages that can help the company bring traffic and expand existing ToFu (Top of the funnel) pages with high gold content.
  • The main source of website traffic is Google Search. As a member of the Growth Team, he is also responsible for the following tasks:
    • Use various SEO optimization techniques to improve the search exposure, ranking and click-through rate of the page in specific keywords.
    • A/B test various experiments to optimize the registration rate and stay time of the page.
    • Use any new technology to challenge the limit and accelerate the rendering speed of web pages without being restricted by existing frameworks.
  • Multiple cross-team cooperation:
    • Marketing Team’s cooperation
      • Irregular physical and virtual online activities, discussion and creation of various activity pages, strengthen the effectiveness of activities.
      • Discuss and jointly create SEO pages oriented to specific keywords.
    • Product Team cooperation
      • Optimize the usage before registration, and enhance the user experience through the integration of the process before and after registration.
  • Develop, bury and maintain a set of easy-to-use cross-platform tracking code, collect data, and record user behavior.

Hope to have at least

  • More than 2 years of front-end development experience
  • React and Next.js development experience
  • Familiar with React’s state management process (such as Redux or React Hooks + Context).
  • Jest or other front-end testing framework experience
  • Good English reading and writing skills

Nice to have

  • Have SEO concept
  • Web performance optimization experience

Salary range

NT$ 900,000-1,300,000 (annual salary)

Our benefits

  • Competitive compensation
  • Generous paid time off policy
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Regular team bonding events
  • Free Kindle book program
  • Remote work stipend
  • Birthday and work anniversary celebrations
  • Work with a diverse and energetic global team