About Almanac

Almanac is building an operating system for distributed collaboration to help remote teams get work done without needless meetings and distracting messages.

Almanac’s collaborative doc editor helps distributed and hybrid teams cut Slack, email, and meetings by 80%—so you can reclaim a full day each week to focus on what matters.

Hundreds of teams from 2 to 2000 are already using Almanac to collaborate on docs, organize documentation, and streamline processes as they scale.

That’s where you come in: We’re looking for a passionate Growth Manager who wants to delivering meaningful impact as we grow Almanac’s user base and scale it to millions.

About the Role

We’re looking for an ambitious and dynamic Growth Manager to expand Almanac’s user base and build compounding growth. You are a tenacious data-driven, results oriented, and versatile leader will work relentlessly to find solutions to complex problems. You’ll work cross-functionally to build and execute strategies promoting Almanac’s brand and product, with a focus on driving user acquisition and revenue.

You’ll be one of Almanac’s first growth hires, and collaborating closely with the incredibly skilled and fast-moving Growth team, as well as the executive team. This is a high profile opportunity with the chance to have an outsized impact – you’ll be working across the entire organization, and leading the charge on the organization’s most important challenges.

Specifically, you’ll…

  • Establish and execute strategies focused on new customer acquisition using both your left and right brain: You might spend the day talking to 10 users who abandoned the funnel and supplementing it with insights from our product analytics dashboards.
  • Identify new growth personas and channels, quickly validating product value props and outlining growth strategies to shape, win, and execute competitive opportunities.
  • Drive projects from ideation to execution, including gathering insights, developing strategic briefs, gathering resources, setting up experiments, measuring results, and presenting findings cross-functionally.
  • Achieve key performance metrics and constantly optimize campaigns and programs to improve ROI.
  • Analyze user and business data to develop an experimental roadmap and campaigns. You’ll extract insights and use the findings to drive key decisions across the organization.
  • Partner with the executive team to manage growth opportunities, surfacing dependencies, opportunities, and blockers to cross-functional partners in marketing, product, and customer ops.

About you

Experiences that make you stand out:

  • 3+ years of business experience at a top-tier consulting or finance company and 2+ years of prior startup experience. Ideally you came in early at a company and helped grow it.
  • Consistent track record of achieving extraordinary outcomes in a fast-paced and challenging environment.
  • Experience working and collaborating with diverse, cross-functional teams in a dynamic, rapid growth environment.

Skills that make you extraordinary:

  • Experience launching and scaling strategies from zero to one and you have a point of view on how to adapt to the growth / marketing ecosystem.
  • Intrinsic drive and hunger: You deeply want to build a generation-defining company in both its scale and quality
  • Grit and persistence: You stick at things longer than anyone you know until they work
  • Structured thinking: You think from first principles, breaking down complex, ambiguous problems into root causes and developing tactical, low-effort solutions to provide ideas
  • Creativity: You see new potential in everything and can synthesize input from varied domains and subject matter to generate fresh, new ideas
  • A bias for action: You take have the ability to flex in a fast-paced environment, managing multiple complex projects at once

Our Team

You’ll be joining a small, gritty team of veteran builders who share a collective belief that the world is inexorably moving towards distributed, decentralized work—and that our tools need to support this change. Our supporters believe in this vision as well: In 2021 we raised a $34M Series A and have a successful beta product with hundreds of paying, engaged customers. As we open up our product to self-serve users, we need your help to make 2022 our breakout year of viral growth.

At Almanac, we:

  • Are fundamental optimists who believe we’re still only at the start of the digital age.
  • Go to extraordinary lengths to distinguish ourselves through world-class work.
  • Prioritize quality over speed, and speed over scope.
  • Desire working with deeply kind, mission-driven people.
  • Strive to make the complex simple.
  • Use first principles to debate ideas, test assumptions, and make decisions.
  • Seek the truth by putting data above opinions.
  • Assume good intent and give tactical feedback to help each other get better.
  • Hold no ego—when our customers win, we all win.

As a company, we are seriously committed to your professional development and growth:

  • You will set your own monthly goals aligned with our ambitious strategy
  • You will have our collective support in achieving major wins—and personal coaching from your manager
  • You will be able to request and manage your own budget
  • You will be encouraged to take risks, try new things, and be creative with your work
  • You will have many opportunities to exchange and engage in feedback
  • You will be offered continual chances to stretch yourself and raise your own bar
  • Helping a small company grow 30%+ month-over-month
  • You will be rewarded for achieving excellence and mastery

Interviewing at Almanac

It’s our goal to provide an efficient, transparent interview experience that respects you and your time. Our roles typically have a four stage process (sometimes more) and we like to move through those as quickly as calendars allow. After submitting your application you will hear from us whether you are a strong fit for the role or not! From here you can expect:

  • An initial phone screen with our Head of Operations, Phil
  • The opportunity to meet the Hiring Manager, Alice
  • An interview with our Head of Engineering, Eddie
  • A technical exercise
  • The chance to meet our CEO, Adam!

Your time is valuable, so we try to give you as much information as possible throughout our process to make the best decision for you. To start, here’s our open source company handbook, which contains docs about our vision, our virtues, our compensation philosophy, and our approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion.