About FireHydrant

FireHydrant is building the only reliability-focused platform. The FireHydrant platform includes Incident ResponseStatus Pages, and more, so you can take control of your complex system, reduce downtime, and work better together. We’re a Series B company with around 80 employees who sit across the United States and we’re growing. Check out our blog to learn more about us.

About the Role

FireHydrant is looking for an experienced design leader to be our first Head of Design. This new role will own the strategy and execution of the Design team to become an integral partner across all parts of the company. In this role, you’ll work with leaders in Product, Marketing, Engineering, and People to create compelling design solutions across a range of projects including new products, online campaigns, internal events, and more. You’ll support and grow our product design team, build our brand and visual design muscles, and equip sales and marketing with the tools they need to successfully tell our story. We’re looking for someone with a strong point of view, great communication skills, and a passion for the user experience in any medium.

You’ll be working on

  • Lead and grow the Design team consisting of product designers, marketing designers, and visual designs that support all parts of FireHydrant. You’ll hire diverse talent, support and develop our current Firefighters, and manage a distributed team.
  • Integrate FireHydrant brand values and principles into our visual assets, product functionality, marketing campaigns, and employee experiences.
  • Be a strategic contributor to the company’s planning by identifying business opportunities and influencing product direction. You’ll champion and advocate for Design within the company’s leadership.
  • Accelerate our product development and iteration abilities with operational excellence, tooling, and infrastructure for the Design organization.
  • Shape the specifications and expectations for the look, feel, and functionality of our products.

We’re looking for someone who

  • Brings creativity, quality, and empathy to their work. They’re able to demonstrate the value of Design in the business, and inspires stakeholders to seek Design’s input on company and product initiatives.
  • Creates an environment of feedback and continuous improvement through design reviews, regular product audits, and user research. You integrate both qualitative and quantitative data as part of the design process.
  • Thrives in a fast-paced product-led technology company, communicates well both synchronously and asynchronously, and has experience managing a distributed team.
  • Has a keen eye, is a stickler for typography, and can strike a healthy balance between consistency and experimentation.
  • Has a passion for usability, accessibility, and developer experience in technical products. And you’ll be the first to say that usability beats out aesthetics every time.

What will you be doing?

In one month, you’ll

  • Provide leadership and mentorship for the Design team through feedback, coaching, and working alongside the team on our current projects.
  • Support and grow the partnership with Product to create a virtuous and efficient cycle of feedback and iteration on our products.

In three months, you’ll

  • Create a framework and documentation for visual design that can be utilized by teams across the organization for presentations, marketing campaigns and collateral, and our digital presence.
  • Advocate and prioritize solving “design debt” alongside new product development in our quarterly planning process.

In 6 months, you’ll

  • Develop an onboarding experience to bring new Product and Engineering team members into our design thinking and process.
  • Hire and grow the team, bringing in new disciplines, skills, and diversity to compliment the existing team.


  • 100% employer-paid health, vision and dental premiums for the employee and 75% of dependents
  • Unlimited vacation policy with a minimum requirement of three weeks off per-year, with sustainable working hours and healthy work/life balance
  • Wellness program (in every form it takes): reimbursements for your gym membership, therapy sessions. athletic equipment, nutrition plans, etc
  • Education budget: conferences, books, online courses, etc
  • Home office stipend: get your workspace set up in a way that works best for you
  • 401k match

Life at FireHydrant

  • We’re remote-first with employees around the US, our headquarters is in NYC (Union Square)
  • 1-2x per year we will gather as a company, depending on the safety of such gathering, and have virtual events throughout the year
  • We collaborate through Slack, Zoom, Figma, Notion, and Clubhouse
  • Kind candor – we expect honesty delivered through kindness, first and foremost
  • Transparency & equity – information is shared openly in Slack channels; we welcome ideas and contribution regardless of role or experience level
  • Mutual mentorship – we believe in the power of mentorship and that everyone (of all skill levels) has something to learn, and something to teach


FireHydrant believes that everyone should be compensated fairly and we strive for transparency within our organization and the industry. We set our salaries at the 75th percentile based on compensation data from hundreds of companies at our stage and everyone in a given role is paid the same without adjusting for locality. We are open to hiring this role Director level and above, depending on the candidate’s experience. The compensation for a Design Director is $225,000, with compensation for Senior Director and above scaling accordingly.