At Spline (spline.design), we are building a 3d-first design tool that works on the web.

We are just starting and we are looking for talented people who can help us build our culture, growth as a team, and solve technical/graphic challenges.

We are passionate about building visual tools and solving creative challenges.

Focus Areas

HR Manager

  • Care about people.
  • Oversee team members onboarding and offboarding.
  • Help and support team members with any kind of HR-related situations.
  • Guide team members on find solutions to their queries about work/time-off/sick days/personal situations.
  • Collaborative with the community team to build a healthy culture.
  • Define, maintain, update employee records.


  • Experience (3+ years) working on Human Resources.
  • Experience working with international and diverse teams.
  • Great empathy communication skills (English).
  • Great organization skills and proactive approach to problem-solving.

Who we are

  • A fully remote team (presence in 15 countries so far).
  • We care about diversity and representation.
  • Flexible hours.
  • Everyone has a voice.
  • Competitive compensation with health benefits + vacation and personal time off (and holidays, sick-leave, parental-leave)
  • You get your setup (devices/services) covered, and it will be yours.
  • Parent-friendly culture.

How to apply

Fill out this form with your info: https://airtable.com/shrXyEDqiFFeeTXmt