VEED.IO is an online video editing platform that makes creative videos easy and accessible to all. Our platform is used by millions of creators around the world who use our products to telling stories, creating content, grow audiences and more (hey, you might even know some of them)

Since we started VEED in 2018, we have grown much faster than we could have ever imagined. We are now one of the most popular video editing applications in the world. As your userbase grows so does our talented team and we would love you to be part of that journey.

We are looking for a freelance marketing graphic designer (with the potential to go full-time) to help us design:

  1. YouTube thumbnails that boost our click-through rate
  2. Thumbnails and graphics for our blog content that encourage social shares
  3. Landing page graphics


We have gone from $150K ARR in January 2020 to nearly $5M ARR at the time of writing this post (June 18th 2021).

  • VEED is an extremely creative space especially since we are a tool for video content creation. And since we are growing so fast, there are loads of opportunities in this company for creatives to apply to and grow within the role.
  • Our team is extremely talented. You will work with people that you can learn a lot from and surely they can learn a lot from you too!
  • Since we have yet to hit 100 teammates strong, you would be one of the first 100 people to work for our company. Right now we’re at about 50 people in the company.
  • You know that kind of dead-end design job where you ARE the design department and it doesn’t feel like there’ll ever be change? This is not a role where you’d stay “stuck” in the same place.
  • There will be opportunities to produce different types of graphics as our company and content initiatives grow. For example, you might choose to work more in UI/UX design if that is a strength of yours as well and it appeals to you. You would work more intimately with the design/product team here.

If you’re into motion graphics you could also help out our teammates there.

But also you can go the route of continuing to help our growth team with other content ideas such as developing the look for online courses, events, social media posts, and more. We’re building a highly authoritative space with our content that you could leave your mark on!

In short – when you work with a company like ours whose focus is around content creation solutions, there are loads of real opportunities you can explore as a creative.

What would a typical week look like in this role?

As a freelancer, you would receive a list of blog, youtube, and landing page graphics that need designing. Each task will have a brief not just for the design but for the content as a whole so you have a deep understanding of what you are designing for.

You are also skilled enough to be able to suggest improvements and share any feedback with our different content owners on things we can do to improve that you can help us with. And although you receive a brief, you might suggest adding a visual in places we might not have realized it to be important.

Your week might also include a weekly meeting with our head of content and possibly other teammates involved in the process for briefing purposes.

If you choose to go full-time with us, your role would also involve:

  • Reviewing our docs to see what is marked as “ready for design” and when the publish date is. Prioritize whatever is due first.
  • Updating docs to show when work is done.
  • You will keep an organized file with your designs and store it to the company cloud so we can easily find and load your content designs when publishing.
  • You will work closely with our growth and design teams on a weekly basis to align on our priorities and voice any blockers that stand in our way so we can support each other as team.

What does a good job look like?

In the first 60 days of working together we will be giving you a mix of new content and old content to refresh.

We will be particularly observing what happens with the old content. Since the only changed variable there would be better design it will be the best way to judge if your designs help our content perform or not. Most of the old content is content that is or has performed well but desperately needs updated visuals.

It’s important to keep this in mind: this job is not just to make things that are beautiful. The goal is to make amazing stuff that works.

If there are measurable improvements to the old content we want to hire you as a full-time designer!


  • Skilled in using Figma and Adobe CC
  • Able to speak, read, and write well in English (to be able to add grammatically correct text to designs such as subtitle text mock-ups)
  • Great at collaborating with a team of people meaning you have great communication skills and wont take 3 days to respond to a Slack message
  • You have a portfolio of impressive work and are able to talk us through what you have created and why


Work with a company that cares about you, a company that cares about making a great product and finally a company that cares a lot about their users.

Where, when how?

Work remotely?

Work from home with your dog?

Need a few days off?

Work in a cafe?

Swap a weekday for a weekend?

Working a half-day?

All of the above is 100% good for us! Our entire team is remote (and always has been). We are happy as long you’re happy. You will have the freedom and autonomy you need to make decisions and do your best work. Our team is smart, energetic, extremely talented and driven. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we all love what we do.

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