About Canopy
Canopy is a Fintech for Fintechs. We provide an immutable, bitemporal system of record to Fintechs that offer diverse financial products, ranging from credit and debit cards to installment loans and more.
What you’ll do
As an Observability Engineer, you will help productionize our monitoring infrastructure (Logging, Metrics, Tracing) and will work closely with the engineering and product teams to provide the right tooling to measure the reliability of our systems. The API is deployed as a serverless framework using AWS’s API Gateway and Lambdas. We thus need to ensure that we are able to accurately capture issues in any of our environments (QA, UAT, prod), as well as have a process to swiftly and effectively conduct an incident response.


    • Design and build Observable Systems and our Monitoring Infrastructure consisting of: Events Logging, Metrics, Distributed Tracing, Log Stream Processing.
    • Create, maintain, and optimize integrations between our AWS infrastructure, Datadog, the Postgres clusters within Aurora, the frontend artifacts, etc.
    • Own problems end-to-end, thinking through everything from system design, data modeling, scalability, operability and ongoing metrics.
    • Write high-quality infrastructure-as-code that automates the provisioning, deployment, scaling, and monitoring of Canopy’s infrastructure and ensure it is redundant and reliable.
    • Document and share the process and any code written.


      • Deep experience managing large-scale software and distributed systems in *nix environments.
      • An understanding of and experience with web application development.
      • Understanding of: database design, caching, scalability, and network fundamentals.
Experience with or conceptual understanding of
    • AWS’s API Gateway, Lambda, Aurora, CloudFormation
    • Terraform
    • Datadog