We’re on a mission to make programming more accessible by building the best, simplest, and fastest coding environment. Replit is a place to not only learn and practice programming but also to collaborate and ship applications.

Note that the listed qualifications are mere approximations. If you’re a talented hacker but don’t really fit the requirements then get in touch anyways.


Position: Platform Engineer


The platform team owns the workspace (the repl UI) and the infrastructure that runs hundreds of thousands of repls. Platform engineers tend to have deep experience in either TypeScript or systems programming and are comfortable going outside their expertise to ship end-to-end features.

Roles & Responsibilities


* Add capabilities to the platform (debugging, deployments, repl-to-repl networking)

* Scale container orchestration

* Evolve our client-server protocol

* Lower latency for editing and running code and hosting apps

* Make multiplayer coding even more robust

Key Qualifications


* Experience building a developer tool (it can be personal dev)

* Experience with profiling and performance optimizations

* Comfortable profiling & debugging production systems

* Systems programming experience (Go, Rust, or C)

* TypeScript or JavaScript experience

* Experience with working on large codebases

* Self-directed and comfortable working autonomously

Bonus Points


* Experience building products that follow Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

* Experience building Platform/Infrastructure/Runtime as a Service

React.js experience

* Expert Golang programmer

* Appreciation for simplicity and pragmatism

Job Location:


Global (overlap 4 hours with US Pacific Time)

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